NetLogistik partners with Vuzix subsidiary Moviynt to offer mobility solutions for warehouses

NetLogistics, as a referral partner, able to offer and deploy a mobility platform from Moviynt.

NetLogistics now a referral partner able to offer and deploy a platform from Moviynt, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vuzix.

NetLogistik, a provider of implementation services for supply chain software, has announced a referral partnership with Vuzix Corporation, a leading supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology and products, and its wholly owned subsidiary and SAP Certified ERP SaaS logistics solution provider, Moviynt.

As a referral partner, NetLogistik will offer and implement Moviynt’s Mobilium platform driving increased frontline worker productivity by enabling hands-free operations and improved user experiences. As a hands-free warehouse enabler, Vuzix smart glasses factor significantly into the Moviynt solution mix, the partners stated.

“Many NetLogistik customers are looking to add mobility solutions to warehouse processes to speed inventory management, order picking, putaway, cross-docking, inspections, and more,” says Jagan Reddy, Managing Director US, NetLogistik. “The one-stop shop from NetLogistik of mobility and hands-free devices, warehouse management systems, and implementation services shortens ROI, improves productivity, lowers errors, and speeds fulfillment for better customer satisfaction.”

“NetLogistik has an excellent reputation for driving value within the warehouse with its proven implementation services and support. Their experience across supply chain enablers is second to none and represents an excellent complement to the Moviynt suite,” says Philip Matkovsky, President and CEO of Moviynt. “We look forward to our Mobilium platform helping their clients improve efficiencies and transform their supply chains for a competitive advantage.”

NetLogistik is a trusted advisor for implementing Blue Yonder and SAP technologies, with over two decades of experience and a team of over 600 logistics and commerce experts.