Microcranes, Inc.: M1 Global Microcrane

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For over 10 years Microcranes, Inc. has been developing, producing and distributing portable, compact pick and carry cranes for a variety of lifting applications. Our award winning manufacturing partner is ISO 9001 certified and our products...
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Navigate portable mini crane through doorways, elevators, narrow aisles

Navigate portable mini crane through doorways, elevators, narrow aisles.

24v Battery Power, Hydraulics.


2,000 lb. (905 kg.) Cap. 20 ft. 3 in.(6.1m) hook height. Battery powered w/ charger. 30 FPM (9m/min.) line speed. 100 ft.(30m) cable. Fits in doors/elevators. Pick and carry loads. Safety factor: (1.5). Max rooftop depth: 7 stories. Two year warranty.


  • Fits in 36 in. doorways & elevators
  • Max load capacity: 2,000 lbs. / 905 kg
  • 24v deep cycle battery power
  • Weatherproof on-board charger
  • 4 piece boom w/ wear strips & dual stop points.
  • 100 ft. (30m) steel cable. Wire diameter: 5/16 in / 7.9mm
  • DC powered winch meets CE/ASME.B30.5 standards
  • Hydraulic jack w/ controls
  • Speed: 30 FPM (9m/minute)
  • Wheels: polyurethane on iron (won’t scuff interior floors)
  • Spring loaded support casters
  • Pick & Carry Design (smooth, easy to move loads)
  • Steering: rear wheels connected to handle bar w/ rubber grips
  • Magnetic degree finder/load decal.
  • Powder coated protection (safety green & safety yellow)
  • Rooftop lifting (up to 7 stories)
  • Test certificate