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Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc. designs and manufactures innovative conveyor equipment, controls, and solutions for customers with processing, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution needs. Hytrol’s 27,000 square foot Technology Center is the birthplace for many industry-changing solutions, such as EZLogic accumulation conveyors and the E24, a low-voltage, motor driven roller conveyor series. These technologies are complemented by Hytrol’s sortation offerings, the ProSort 400 Elite series high speed shoe sorter, as...
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United States
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Material handling solutions for pulling gaps between products

Material handling solutions for pulling gaps between products

Power belt gapping helps material handling systems run by pulling gaps between cartons and other products, effectively and efficiently feeding merges, combiners, sorters, and a host of other equipment. By pulling these gaps, we help ensure that systems run smoothly, day in and day out.


  • High speed for feeding sorters
  • Auto Belt tracking
  • High grip belt


  • Anywhere gaps between cartons needs to be created
  • Feeding sorters
  • Feeding label applicators
  • Feeding merges