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Rugged Tablet and IT Solutions for Productivity Gains in Port and Terminal…
With the addition of the MT2010™ rugged tablet and the JLT6012™ vehicle-mount computer to its product portfolio,…

Latest in Mobile & Wireless

Zebra Technologies to acquire Xplore Technologies
Acquisition expands rugged mobile offerings in vertical markets such as retail, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and healthcare.

Next-Level Productivity for Voice
Voice-directed picking and other types of voice solutions are proven in warehouse environments. But suppliers are now out to make voice-directed work even more productive with analytics and optimization, as well as improvements to the voice recognition engines.

End of life approaches for Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld support
The next deadline is in early June, with more planned through 2020. A proactive response can prevent significant disruption.

Calculate your potential savings with the Vitech Voice ROI Calculator
This calculator is designed to give you a tool to help you communicate the value of voice by utilizing the ROI.

Rugged Tablet and IT Solutions for Productivity Gains in Port and Terminal Operations
With the addition of the MT2010™ rugged tablet and the JLT6012™ vehicle-mount computer to its product portfolio, JLT offers complete solutions for highly demanding applications in harsh port environments.

Other Voices: The promise of vision picking hinges on smart engineers and processes
Augmented reality, smart glasses and other technologies are not enough in themselves to unlock value.

JLT Mobile Computers launches next-generation, vehicle-mount computers
JLT Mobile Computers (Booth 2732) is demonstrating its new JLT6012 logistics computer at Modex, where the product is making its North American debut.

DT Research introduces a purpose-built rugged tablet
DT Research (Booth B1714), a designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing solutions for vertical markets, announced the DT301T Rugged Tablet, a lightweight military-grade tablet that is purpose-built for use enhancing the precision of the supply chain and logistics.

Waypoint launches wireless charging for mobile robots
Waypoint (Booth C2549) launched EnZone, a wireless power system for autonomous mobile robots, at a Monday press conference.

Fetch Robotics partners with Ricoh USA
Partnership leverages worldwide technical resources to support growing autonomous mobile robot market.

XPO introduces new cloud-based warehouse management software platform
WMx is geared towards mobile devices and paves the way for the 'rapid development and integration of automation and robotics.'

Improve the Speed and Accuracy of Your Operations with Better Access to Data
The growth of analytics, machine learning and cloud computing is making a significant impact across businesses and commerce worldwide. Access to more data and insight on how your operations work, how your devices are performing, or what technology investments you need to make can significantly improve…

Rugged tablet PC improves order picking and shipping
Large retail chain streamlines logistics at the largest warehouse in northern Europe.

Zebra shopper survey reveals heightened fulfillment requirements
10th annual study shows two-thirds of shoppers prefer next- or same-day delivery as retailers work to bring the online experience into the physical store.

Lodge Manufacturing: Distribution Cast in Iron
In a new facility, iPhones and a new WMS allowed cookware manufacturer Lodge to double its business for the fourth time in 20 years and shorten order delivery time from 10 days to three.

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How robotics can fit your operation
There is a lot to like about robotics as a means of automating DCs. The tricky questions around robotics are not will they catch on, because they are, but what types of robotics will best suit an operation, and how will they interact with traditional automation and human labor?


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