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Comprehensive news on the most advanced systems for mobility and mobile data collection & paperless picking of inventory through RFID and wireless technologies.

Engineering Innovation: LightSort® Pick-to-Light: Boost Efficiency and Accuracy in Your Picking Process
Optimize picking efficiency with Engineering Innovation's LightSort® Pick-to-Light. Light-guided technology illuminates items, eliminating confusion and reducing errors.

Moviynt to Display Breakthrough AI and Machine Learning-Powered AR Smart Glasses at Modex 2024.
Elevate your warehousing efficiency with Moviynt's breakthrough AI and machine learning-powered AR smart glasses at Modex 2024.

Advantech: DLT-V73 Series Vehicle-Mount Terminal
Upgrade your industrial operations with the powerful and versatile DLT-V73 Series VMT IS IP66 RATED vehicle-mount terminal. Discover the benefits today!

Book Depot Inc. Streamlining Data Capture
Book Depot’s fulfillment center makes gains in speed, efficiency and accuracy by deploying glove-based wearable scanners.

ArcelorMittal Trusts Getac Reliable Rugged Tablets to Optimise Productivity
Who says work in steelmaking can't be tech-forward? Getac's rugged computing solutions have been trusted by ArcelorMittal France for three years now.

Datalogic USA: Memor 11 Mobile Computer
Introducing the Memor 11 Mobile Computer - Google Mobile Services Certified and offering up to 20% more battery life. Enjoy wireless charging and ultra-durability with the latest Android 11 OS on the market.

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions: CT47 Mobile Computer
For the materials handling industry, the CT47 mobile computers are a powerful, dependable choice. Experience ultimate connection and precision scanning with these 5G and Wi-Fi 6E enabled devices, built to...

Green Cubes Technology: Swappable Mobile Power (SMP) Battery System
Swappable batteries electrify mobile and motive products.

Conveyco Technologies, Inc.: Stacker-Bot Autonomous Mobile Robot System
Automate your operations with the Stacker-Bot autonomous mobile robot. Reduce floor space, labor costs and increase accuracy with this flexible, cost-effective solution perfect for order picking, replenishment, storage and returns.

Newcastle Systems: EC-Polar series mobile-powered industrial carts
Cold temperature is no match for the EC-Polar series mobile-powered industrial carts! This technology is perfect for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other cold-temperature industries.

ErgoStrap® Inc.: ErgoStrap Mobile, Ergonomic Pallet Strapping System
The ErgoStrap systems allow pallet strapping from one side, without bending or walking around a pallet.

Regal Rexnord: ModSort Mobile Flat Sorter
The ModSort Mobile Flats Sorter is an end-of-line automated sortation system that is adaptable to your operational needs with a mobile, scalable, approachable, and energy-efficient solution.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation: Intelli-Connect™ Mobile/Mobile+
Intelli-Connect Diagnostics and Analytics enable quick and easy programming, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of overhead cranes and hoists.

Honeywell: CT30 XP Enterprise Mobile Computer
Enterprise mobile computer is lightweight with the design and usability of high end mobile phones.

Oceaneering International, Inc.: UniMover Line of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
AMRs use natural feature navigation technology.

Seegrid: Palion Lift Autonomous Mobile Robot
AMR can autonomously pick 3,500-pound payloads.

AutoGuide Mobile Robots: MAX-N High Bay Autonomous Counterbalanced Forklift
Autonomous counterbalanced forklift for high bay warehouses.

MobileDemand: Rugged xTablet T1680
As a leading provider of rugged tablets, MobileDemand’s xTablet T1680 offers next level power and performance for countless applications in a multitude of industries.

MobileDemand: xDIM Mobile
xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software enables workers to measure boxes anywhere in just seconds, saving companies time, space and money. xDIM uses 3D camera technology on a rugged tablet for intuitive...