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Topic: Automated Storage

The latest trends in materials handling storage systems and technologies including storage shelving, racks, pallets, containers and carousels.

SDI Element Logic: SORTRAK Sortation System
Maximize Efficiency with SORTRAK G4 Sortation System - Process 18,720 Trays/Hour and Save on Labor Costs. Transform Your Warehouse Today.

SDI Element Logic: JOEY Pouch Sorter
Boost warehouse operations with JOEY Pouch Sorter - the future of efficient order fulfillment. Accurate, fast, and cost-effective. Upgrade today!

SDI Element Logic: AutoStore™ Storage and Retrieval, Unit Fulfillment System
Unleash Your Warehouse's Full Potential with SDI Element Logic's AutoStore. Streamline Operations, Maximize Space, and Stay Ahead of the Curve.

MODEX 2024: See a spectrum of solutions
Learn about the 2024 MODEX Show and see a sampling of some of what you will see as you walk the show floor.

Kardex Industry Research Report: 2024 Warehousing Outlook and Trends
Kardex Industry report, 2024 Warehouse Outlook at Tends covers the current state of Order Fulfillment and what lies ahead in 2024.

Kardex Vertical Lift Module Streamlines Operations at Bristol Hose
Bristol Hose experiences unparalleled efficiency and precision with the integration of Kardex Shuttles and the Power Pick System.

Kardex Compact Buffer Module: A Game-Changer for Wildkamp
Wildkamp uses Kardex Compact Buffer Module and Frame Pick System for space optimization and streamlines efficiency for their warehouse needs.

Kardex Compact Buffer Module Maximizes Efficiency and Space at ATS Group
Kardex helps ATS Group with innovative automation by integrating the Kardex Compact Buffer Module into their warehouse operations, reducing labor requirements.

Kardex Shuttle helps Intech to Integrate Zoller TMS for an Optimized Tooling Process
Intech had expanded its business rapidly leading to disorganized tool management. It turned to the Kardex Shuttle integrated with Zoller TMS for inventory control, space optimization and increased productivity.

Elevating Efficiency in Manufacturing with Kardex Shuttles and Megamat Vertical Carousels
Kardex helps businesses optimize the production process particularly Material Handling. Kardex Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems like Kardex Shuttles and Kardex Megamat Vertical Carousels are game changers that redefining the...

Automated Storage on the Move into 2024
From traditional storage units to ultra-density storage grid systems, automated storage offers new capabilities and a different return on investment than in the past.

Traka USA: Traka Intelligent Lockers
Traka’s intelligent locker systems manage, track, and record usage of an organization’s most important assets, including laptops, handheld devices, medicine, and firearms and help extend their usage to...

Traka USA: Traka Touch Pro
The Traka Touch Pro is a secure, reliable, and durable key management system that allows users to easily access keys and decreases resources spent on replacing, auditing and managing them.

AS/RS Solutions Shape the Future of Distribution Operations
OPEX® discusses the importance of EtherCAT and TwinSAFE from Beckhoff in optimizing the scalable, high-performance Infinity™ system.

Pack out automation: Flexibility on the rise
Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking...

HAI Robotics: A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot
The Hai Robotics A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot (ACR) is an intelligent robot that can store items up to 10m high in an automated storage and retrieval system. It offers...

Kardex: Vertical Buffer Module Kardex Compact Buffer
The Vertical Buffer Module Kardex Compact Buffer is a highly efficient, goods-to-person, bin handling system for storing and retrieving lightweight, small items. Its high picking performance makes it suitable for...

AutoStore: PickUpPort™ for Buy-Online-Pickup-in-Store (BOPIS) Strategy
The PickUpPort™ is the first public-facing port from AutoStore, allowing for a simple, efficient buy-online-pick-up-in-store customer experience. The Port helps retailers expand their omnichannel supply chain and meet consumer demand.

Kardex: Vertical Carousel Module Kardex Megamat
Machine groups order lines for buffering, small parts picking

Utilizing Automated Storage for Labor Shortages and Other Warehouse Challenges
Running out of space and grappling with issues like the persistent labor shortage, warehouse and DC operators are looking to automated storage and retrieval solutions for help solving these and...