Aigner Label Holder Corp.
Solutions For Labeling Wire Shelving!

Aigner offers versatile wire shelving solutions for labeling.

Aigner wire-racs
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Aigner solves the challenge of labeling wire shelving with the flexible, plastic label holders, Wire•Rac™ and the Angle•Vu™.

Just snap on for a perfect fit. Snap off to reposition. 1-1/4” High label or insert loads from top (or bottom) and is protected by a bar code compatible, clear cover. These UV-treated, heavy duty label holders retrofit major manufacturers’ wire shelving with the standard 1-1/4” - 1-1/2” face.

For adjustable viewing for high or low shelving, the Angle-Vu™ label holder is engineered to snap onto major brands of standard wire shelving at three (3) different angles: 90° (flat), 60° and 30° for easy viewing and scanning.

Aigner has the solution for most any label holder need. Aigner label holders are management tools that prevent problems before they arise. Whatever the initial investment, you’ll receive quick payback in materials, labor, and overall efficiency that includes:

  • Ease of normal label changes

  • 50% Cost Savings in materials required in eliminating expensive, hard-to-remove self-adhesive labels.

  • 65% Savings in Labor to apply and remove self-adhesive labels. No more shelf clean-up time!

  • Prevent Costly Mispicks can add up over the course of a year.

We specialize in new product innovation, providing quality products at competitive prices and take pride in our superior service, delivery, and success at “being easy to work with”.
When looking for a label holder solution, LOOK TO THE LEADER! Look to Aigner.

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Aigner Label Holder
Aigner has the solution for most every labeling need: Famed Hol•Dex® on shelves, bins, drawers. Wire•Rac™ on wire shelving. Magnetic Cardholders for instant adhesion on metal. Super•Scan™ for scanable display on pallet racks. Slip•Strip™ & Open•Edge™ for easy label insertion on industrial shelving.

Aigner Label Holder Corp.
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New Windsor, New York 12553
Tel: 845-562-4510
Fax: 845-562-2638

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Aigner Label Holder Corp.
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More about Aigner Label Holder Corp..

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