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InCord Introduces their New Sliding Rack Guard at MODEX 2024
InCord Custom Safety Netting Solutions, a leading company in the safety netting industry, recently participated in MODEX 2024, one of the most significant material handling trade shows in North America. During...

Modex 2024 Reports Record-Shattering Attendance
MHI's Modex 2024 saw a record-shattering number of registered manufacturing and supply chain professionals, reaching a total of 48,733.

Make Your Plans for ProMat 2025
After a successful Modex 2024, MHI is now gearing up for ProMat 2025—the industry’s premier supply chain event. ProMat will once again be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, March 1...

Loftware: Cloud Labeling Solutions for Business of Every Size
Streamline Labeling Processes with Loftware's Cloud-Based Solutions for Accurate and Efficient Label Designs.

Kardex: FulfillX Warehouse Execution System for use with Autostore
Streamline Your AutoStore System with Kardex FulfillX: Faster Implementation, Better Performance, and Enhanced User Experience.

Student Day Students Unlock their Futures at Modex 2024
On Wednesday, high school and university students and educators will be introduced to career opportunities in material handling, supply chain and logistics through hands-on learning and networking with industry professionals.

Zebra Technologies: the ET6x Series of Robust Android Tablets
Boost Productivity in Tough Environments with ET6x Rugged Business Tablets. Wi-Fi 6E & 5G options for fast barcode scanning and versatility. Shop now!

Yale Lift Truck Technologies: Reliant Technology To Prevent Forklift Accidents
Elevate Safety Standards with Yale Reliant Operator Assistance Technology - Prevent Forklift Accidents Now!

VisionNav Robotics: VNST20-Pro Autonomous Pallet jack
Upgrade Your Material Handling with VNST20-Pro Autonomous Pallet Jack: Compact, Precise, and Safe!

Toshiba America Business Solutions: BV420T Thermal Transfer Printer
Revolutionize your warehouse operations with the lightning-fast BV420T thermal transfer printer. Get crisp labels and fast results, every time.

Synkrato: Synkrato AI Platform for Warehouse Operations
Experience the power of Synkrato's AI! It transforms dark data into warehouse magic, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency. See the results now.

RAVAS: Intelligent Carriage Plate Scale for Forklifts
Say goodbye to slow and cumbersome weighing methods with Weigh in Motion - the efficient, flexible, and accurate solution for pallet weights.

Onward Robotics: Meet Me Automation Solution
Upgrade your fulfillment process with Meet Me Automation Solution with Pyxis software and Lumabot AMRs, combining efficiency and accuracy for maximum results.

Powerfleet: Pedestrian Proximity Detection (Cameras, Indicator Lights)
Proactively prevent accidents and increase safety with our AI-powered Pedestrian Proximity Detection solution for lift trucks. Upgrade today!

Modex 2024 is Officially Open for Business
Modex 2024 opened its doors Monday morning in Atlanta.