InkJet, Inc.: DuraCode continuous inkjet printer

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After our humble beginning in 1989, InkJet, Inc. earned a global reputation among competitors, OEMs and distributors for maintaining our status as the best manufacturer in this niche. Our service and solutions now reach over 55...
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New continuous inkjet printer released.

New continuous inkjet printer released.

DuraCode is designed to deliver the best quality code, day in and day out, continuously. Our feature-packed CIJ printer offers cost saving with a single part service and solvent consumption saving system. Add in InkJet, Inc.’s fluids, parts & service and downtime will be the least of your worries!

Reliable Operation

In the harshest manufacturing environments, you require a printer/coder that will hold its own and do the job you need. The DuraCode Series has a robust stainless steel design that can stand-up to extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations and more. It also has a simple, high resolution operator interface.

Quality Printing

The automatic monitoring system allows for quality print consistently. In addition to the quality of the code the printer provides, InkJet, Inc. offers the fluids that are backed by a quality control process that is unmatched in the industry.

Powerful & Flexible

DuraCode offers print data options through network and local scanners and gives a powerful performance with a low cost of ownership. It has a modular, stainless steel, IP55 industrial structure and the ability to quickly change the filter and fluids keeps your manufacturing line up and running.