Mezzanine Safeti-Gates: Tri-Side Safety Gate

We provide pallet drop safety gate systems that provide fall protection for employees working on elevated pallet drop areas, work platforms, lifts and loading docks. Focused solely industrial safety gate manufacturing for over 40 years,...
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Don't sacrifice safety in limited spaces with the Tri-Side mezzanine safety gate. Flexible design allows access while securing the ledge.

Don't sacrifice safety in limited spaces with the Tri-Side mezzanine safety gate. Flexible design allows access while securing the ledge.

Fall Protection Where Space is Minimal

Space is always a concern in industrial facilities. It’s important to maximize the space that is available for equipment, workers and the operations process. Often available cubic space is maximized by building elevated platforms and mezzanines. With shelving, product and equipment, little room is left available for operations, let alone safety devices.

Tri-Side mezzanine safety gates are ideal for areas in which the space on the work platform is limited. With dual-counterbalanced gates interconnected so one gate is always in place to secure the ledge, and fixed stanchions only 14 inches deep, the Tri-Side gate maintains a safe environment for employees at all times while allowing access around the pallet. The safety gate design features a U-shaped rear-gate that moves up and out of the way when the ledge gate is closed, and can be made in a compact or rack-configured design.

With its flexibility and design, the Tri-Side pallet drop gate is ideal for material handling and manufacturing applications with limited platform depth, as well as doorways and production platforms.


The Tri-Side integrates with overhead climate or fire doors with a compact gate structure that allows access around the mezzanine area while the ledge is secured. In applications where the platform extends out through the doorway, the system can be configured so the ledge-side gate extends out to the ledge, and then compacts back into the mezzanine area allowing for an overhead door to close.

Production Platforms:

Notorious for tight spaces, elevated production platforms can feature hoppers, reactors or blenders. Often, pallets of bagged ingredients are deposited very close to the hopper so the employees can open the bags, turn and pour materials into the equipment. The Tri-Side safety gate can be configured to fit in this compact space while allowing unobstructed access to the loads from either side at 90 degrees, even while the ledge gate is down, providing fall protection for employees.

Tri-side safety gates are available with manual or power operation, can be constructed from stainless steel and include product containment netting.