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Topic: Tuggers, Carts & Casters

Moving product through a warehouse or distribution center often comes down to the basics: tuggers, carts and casters.

Application Guide Matches Wheel and Tire Uses
Improve performance and reduce costs with this handy guide to selecting the best wheels & tires for your needs.

Thombert Earns “Most Valuable Supplier” Award
For the seventh consecutive year, MHEDA grants Thombert their coveted Award for demonstrating exemplary commitment to their dealer network, their employees, and their community.

Thombert DYALON “A” GHP Polyurethane Wheels
Industry-leading load capacity and built tough to resist chunking and tearing for your heaviest loads and longest runs.

Thombert DYALON “B” Polyurethane Wheels
Load capacity, toughness, and traction in one compound. Proven reliability you can trust for improved comfort and unmatched productivity.

Thombert DYALON “J” Polyurethane Wheels
Excellent traction for starting/stopping your lift truck without sacrificing load capacity. Ratchet up output while boosting bottom line performance.

Thombert DYALON “B” RAZOR SIPE Polyurethane Wheels
Dyalon B Razor Sipe: Extra traction for cold-storage and produce applications. Enhanced safety and productivity with the #1 requested siped tire.

Jtec Industries: ACLD-2442-70 Data Server Cart
Simplify Data Server Movement with the All-Electric Quad-Steer Cart. No More Manual Handling or Wasted Time - Shop Now!

Hamilton Caster: UltraGlide® Casters
Hamilton’s UltraGlide™ wheel series is the latest modular solution designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to move loads in manual or powered applications.

ForwardX Robotics: Flex 60-T
Flex 60-T is a cutting-edge AMR with an advanced docking and towing system, redefining how cage trolleys are handled, providing a safer work environment while helping businesses increase overall productivity.

Magliner: Magliner Appliance Truck
Heavy-duty aluminum hand truck

Bates Metal Products: Stock-R Caddy
Restock store shelves with ergonomic tote caddy

Wesley International: Pack Mule EV Industrial Electric Utility Vehicle
Industrial electric utility vehicle, picking trailers showcased

Magliner: LiftPlus combination stacker
Lift loads up to 350 pounds with stacker, transporter, positioner device

Raymond Corporation: 8410 Electric Pallet Jacks with Pick2Pallet LED Light System
Improve picking accuracy with LED system

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.: Ergo-X2 Swivel Caster
Minimize force required to push or pull carts with ergonomic caster

Jtec Industries: CarryMore Cart Floor Lock
To secure heavy carts and loads and prevent them from rolling away, the CarryMore cart floor lock combines the mechanics of an ergonomic foot pedal (to manually lock and unlock...

Creform Corporation: New series of reusable structural metal joint sets
A new series of durable, flexible and reusable structural metal joint sets has been released for the supplier’s line of 42-millimeter diameter pipe. The joints come in a variety...

CECOR: Line of Heavy-Duty Carts with Integrated Dumping Frames
A line of compact, heavy-duty carts with integrated dumping frames allows heavy loads to be emptied safely and easily. The frame adapts the cart to dump loads from a forklift...

Wesley International: New hush kit for six-wheel line of trailers
A new hush kit can cut the noise and improve tracking in series tows of six-wheel trailers. The add-on device eliminates the noise inherent in the wheels and towing systems...

J.W. Winco: Six Series of RoHS-Compliant Casters
Six series of RoHS-compliant casters are now offered with inch-size top plates. The casters are suitable for medium-duty load handling, and come in fixed and swivel types with optional brakes....