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To Double Worker Productivity, Roll Out These Mobile Powered Carts by Newcastle Systems

Mobile Powered Carts by Newcastle.

Mobile Powered Carts by Newcastle.

In this fast-moving world, efficiency is the name of the game. Roll in the Mobile Powered Carts: Anywhere they are deployed, they instantly become the go-to-tool, right beside the forklift and pallet jack. Each industrial cart is a complete productivity center, with everything a worker needs including on-board power. Instead of walking, workers will be working faster and with far fewer errors.

Endless trips to the barcode printer or computer add up fast. The Mobile Powered Cart keeps workers on high-value tasks, often doubling throughput. Here are five top reasons they have been adopted into the warehouse:

  1. Faster Dock-to-Stock:  Reduce cycle times by up to 60%, for more capacity with the same resources.
  2. Trimmed Payroll: Get higher throughput with fewer hours and up to 75% less overtime.
  3. The End of Mislabeling: Mislabeling boxes and pallets is crazy expensive – and virtually eliminated when you scan, print, and apply at the pallet. Easy with a powered cart.
  4. Untethered Workforce: Paying your workers to wear out their shoes by walking 5 to 10 miles a day? A powered cart will have them adding value instead. Watch their job satisfaction grow along with their productivity.
  5. Small Footprint. Big Impact: Powered carts deliver huge gains with infrastructure or software changes. They could not be easier to deploy, and you will not find a better cost/benefit equation. Day in/day out savings for predictable 6-month ROI and lifetime value.

2X More Done from Day One: Purpose-built mobile powered industrial carts take your devices that require AC power and puts them on wheels. Process paperwork, print labels, etc. directly at the pallet or load. All that is required is Wi-Fi and hard smooth floors in your warehouse. Newcastle carts provide everything your workers need for maximum productivity, right at their fingertips. A vast array of options and adaptable ergonomics ensure exceptional performance and worker safety, no matter your industry. Newcastle also offers more advanced mobile power systems than anyone—fixed or swappable, lead or lithium, for full shifts or round-the-clock operation. And another bonus – happier workers. Newcastle customers say job satisfaction is one of the greatest perks of our carts. It is no mystery: Productive workers are more contented—and that is what mobile powered industrial carts are all about.

Turn Your Warehouse into a Power-House:

Whether efficiently processing a dock full of inbound pallets, speeding pick/pack, labeling products or outbound parcels, Newcastle Mobile Powered Carts are right at home in the warehouse. Most popular applications include:

  • Receiving: Proven boost in receiving volume by up to 63% and steep drops in overtime.
  • Shipping: Process right at the pallet for faster processing and greater accuracy. Up to 92% fewer costly labeling errors.
  • Returns: Real-time access to data eliminates paperwork and credits customers faster.
  • Inventory Management: Greater accuracy, reduced “out-of-stocks,” with ERP and WMS always on hand. 100% data access anywhere in your warehouse or distribution center.
  • Picking: Pick, pack and label right at the cart: fewer touches and errors for greater efficiency. 30% higher pick rates.
  • Packing: Get packages to the dock faster; deploy carts as needed for peak demand.

Final Thoughts: If your operation is already super-efficient:  Congratulations. But a mobile powered cart can still make a significant difference. Even companies that have invested in lean manufacturing lose much more in wasted time than they realize. Ten seconds here, twenty seconds there add up to hundreds of hours per worker over the course of a year The good news is there is a free app for that. MotionMeter will help you find and precisely measure inefficiency. Learn more about MotionMeter and download it for IOS or Android devices.

Keep your Eye on the ROI: Mobile Powered Carts are not free. But the investment typically pays for itself in about 6 months and then keeps giving returns for years. But to really nail it down, try our ROI calculator. You’ll know exactly what your return will be.