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Topic: Packaging & Pallets

Complete news and information on the use of pallets in materials handling and warehousing from the industry experts.

FLD2500 Floor Level Infeed Conventional Palletizer
Increase efficiency with our compact FLD2500 palletizer featuring dual hoist and electric Row Pusher.

Alba Manufacturing Pallet Dispenser / Stacker
Streamline Your Operations with Our Versatile Pallet Dispenser/Stacker - Available in Two Orientations for Optimal Functionality!

Revolutionize Your Packaging with a Central Nervous System for Efficient Shipping
At least part of future packaging success here sits in the cloud. Using cloud for packaging.

Staples and Packsize announce partnership towards a more environmentally sustainable future.
Partnering for Sustainability: Staples and Packsize take steps towards a greener future, one optimized package at a time. Materials Handling partnership.

FOX IV Technologies, Inc.: L3904E Electric Linerless Label Print and Apply System
The L3904E prints and applies labels using continuous-roll, linerless label material instead of precut pressure sensitive labels, thereby eliminating label liner and thermal ribbon from the waste stream.

Sparck Technologies: CVP Everest Automated Packaging Solution
The CVP Everest is a fit-to-size auto-boxing technology that sizes, builds, seals, and labels each custom-sized order at speeds of up to 1,100 boxes per hour using just two operators.

Exair: Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle
Intellistat® Ion Air Nozzle is for static elimination in sensitive processes, rated Class 5 for clean rooms/controlled environments per ISO14644-1. It will reduce 1000volts to less than 100 in 0.6-seconds.

Paccurate: Pacsimulate
PacSimulate enables shippers to virtually pack millions of shipments in various scenarios to understand the impact of cartonization on their costs and environmental footprint.

Craemer Group CC1 Collapsible Pallet Frame
The Craemer CC1 collapsible frame offers added value for logistics, ensuring loads are reliably protected while avoiding packaging waste and thus saving on disposal costs.

FastFetch Corporation: Intellicpack® Shipping Cost Optimization Solution
IntelliPack®is a right-sized packaging strategy that relies upon AI and computations rather than machinery. The solution slashes shipping costs while protecting the environment.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems: iDimension® Flex Series Parcel and Pallet Dimensioning System
Rice Lake Weighing Systems iDimension® Flex Series ensures accurate dimensions on your bill of lading and protects against costly invoice corrections from LTL carriers.

OnRobot: D:PLOY Palletizing
D:PLOY Palletizing enables manufacturers to reap the benefits of automated palletizing and relieve employees from tedious tasks. D:PLOY can be up and running in as little as 4 hours.

Packsize X5
The X5® solution is the world’s first fully-automated erected box system and the most advanced, flexible, efficient and sustainable platform available for the e-commerce industry.

ORBIS to Showcase Integrated Products and Solutions that Highlight Sustainability and Efficiency
New pallets, totes and management systems to be highlighted at the ORBIS booth in Chicago, March 20-23.

Automated Packaging Lets Opportunity Flower at FloraCraft
FloraCraft’s implementation of robotic, automated end-of-line packaging solutions gave it the throughput and cost efficiencies it needed to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Standing at The Intersection of Pallets & Automated Equipment
As more companies invest in warehouse automation, the ones that select and design their pallets early in the game are coming out winners.

Pack Station Tricks: Common sense meets tech
Industrial workstation and shelving options are abundant for effective pack-out areas. Configuring an ideal set up for your operation is part commonsense work-cell design that eliminates wasted or awkward movements,...

Maximizing Cost Efficiency Using Rubber Pallet Bands Over Shrink Wrap
Using Rubber Pallet Bands not only saves you money but it’s more sustainable.

Updated Corrugated Box Compression Values
Lab tests indicate updated Box Compression (BCT) values according to pallet stacking patterns.

Supporting the world’s sustainability goals, one pallet at a time
The companies that make, sell or rent pallets are working harder than ever to help customers achieve their supply chain sustainability goals.