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Pioneer Dock Equipment: Smart+ HDH Series Dock Levelers
Intuitive touchscreen panel provides real-time feedback.

Venco Venturo: Venturo Logic Control crane safety management system
New crane safety control management system.

Yale Materials Handling Corporation: Yale Vision Telemetry Solution
Access lift truck data with telemetry mobile app.

ProGlove: Mark One S smart glove
Smart glove offered as ergonomic, efficient scanning solution.

Voodoo Robotics: Cloud Display Devices pick-to light system
Pick-to-light/put-to-light system uses IoT.

SOMIC America: Somic-FLEXX III
Multi-component packaging machine.

Crown Equipment: MPC Series with QuickPick(R) Remote
The Crown MPC Series with QuickPick Remote uses semi-automated truck navigation technologies to reduce low-level order picking walk steps, thereby increasing productivity, reducing operator fatigue and improving safety.

Gamber Johnson: Tablet Keyboard Mount
The Gamber-Johnson Tablet Keyboard Mount is designed to securely hold a tablet docking station and keyboard in a comfortable position for the operator.

Access Control Group: SMARTIe - Wireless Battery Sensor
SMARTIe - A Poor man's Battery Management System