SOMIC America: Somic-FLEXX III

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The SOMIC Group is a medium-sized company based in Amerang, Upper Bavaria. For more than 40 years, SOMIC has developed and built end-of-line packaging machines for discerning customers across the world. SOMIC plays a pioneering role in the universal use of mechatronic packaging systems. Faster and more precise operation, more functionality with a smaller footprint, flexible modular design for rapid customization and easy-to-operate machines that last longer
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SOMIC America Company Profile

Multi-component packaging machine.

Multi-component packaging machine.

This modular machine is an intriguing solution to North American retail packaging challenges. SOMIC-FLEXX III is a new concept that combines the ability to pack primary packages in a flat, nested position or a standing display orientation.

The machine also is designed to utilize both single or multi-component packaging: one- piece corrugated blanks for standard wraparound shipping cases and two-piece tray and hood for retail ready presentations. It does so by offering the utmost in adaptability and impressive speed, along with the latest generation of industrial automation from Rockwell Automation.

“Our new machine provides CPG’s with the flexibility to meet a variety of retailers’ packaging demands,” said Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales for Somic America.

“Stand-up pouches, flow packs, rigid containers and other items can be collated, grouped and packed in a wide variety of formats. This includes open or wraparound trays, to paperboard cartons and trays with covers. With the development of this machine, we have delivered the ultimate in packaging flexibility and further expanded the SOMIC success story in North America.”

Fox explained the SOMIC-FLEXX III took two years to design and develop. He is eager to discuss specific applications with booth visitors at PACK Expo.

“Essentially, the SOMIC-FLEX III is a tray packer with a cover applicator that has been split apart at the center and expanded to include an insertion packer. Each of the three user-friendly modules operates as one machine. The advantage is this machine has the capability to run virtually any pack arrangement, and in any type of shipping or display vehicle.

“Somic has a passion for performance and this machine reflects the thousands of hours that were invested in designing and developing this system,” continued Fox. “The tray packer is employed for upright display arrangements, followed by the application of a cover. By replacing the lamella chain (vertical collator) with a control conveyor for horizontal and nested groups, it allows the products to pass through the vertical tray packer. The insertion packer then inserts six items into the pre-formed cartons that were formed in the pass-through tray packer. The final station on the machine glues and closes the wraparound case, or applies the hood or cover to the display tray.”