Voodoo Robotics: Cloud Display Devices pick-to light system

Image courtesy of Voodoo Robotics.
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Pick-to-light/put-to-light system uses IoT.

Pick-to-light/put-to-light system uses IoT.


  • Two AA batteries can last a year or more (5,000 to 50,000 picks - depending on usage)
  • Devices spend most of their time “sleeping” to maximize battery efficiency
  • Battery-life can be extended by reducing brightness and display time (and by enabling flashing mode)
  • Voltage is continuously monitored by the system
  • Mount anywhere and relocate with ease

Two Lines of Custom Text

A simple URL causes the device to light up with two lines of custom text in any language you need.  It can even play a custom tune.

The average time to light up is 1.5 – 2 seconds but speed can be increased with additional Turbos.

Three Types of Messaging

Static or Background
The device stores data which is displayed when the button is pressed. For example, you might want to know what inventory is stored in a location or who has been assigned to this picking cart.

Lighted Message
A simple URL call for a pick or put can illuminate a device, causing two lines of custom text to be displayed. It can even play a custom tune. For example, the device might instruct a specific picker to select X number of a specific SKU. Or, it could indicate into which bin the picked inventory should be placed.

Flashing Message
As above, a simple URL can be sent to the device, but instead of simply illuminating the device, the device can flash to get someone’s attention.