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Beckhoff Automation is a provider of advanced and open automation solutions based upon proven technologies for customers to implement high-performance control systems faster and at a lower overall cost than traditional PLC and motion control systems. Beckhoff’s “New Automation Technology” product range includes PC-based control, industrial PCs, automation controllers, operator interfaces, I/O, servo drives and motors. With representation in more than 75 countries, Beckhoff is well-positioned to provide global sales and service to its customers. Beckhoff sales and service are handled directly, with no intermediaries involved for exceptional customer service and consultation.
Beckhoff Automation
13130 Dakota Avenue
Savage, Minnesota, 55378
United States
952-890-0000  1-877-TwinCAT  1 (952) 890-2888 
[email protected]

At Beckhoff, automation is our calling. We empower engineers to succeed as industry leaders across all aspects of intralogistics and material handling. We help you differentiate by harnessing new technologies, embracing open standards and solving the world’s most complex problems. Founded and led by engineers, we organically create advanced automation technologies that become unique tools for your one-of-a-kind challenges in an age of digital transformation. As a global partner with U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, we are committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and support for the people behind the automation.

Beckhoff has introduced many key technology standards embraced by most of the world’s top intralogistics equipment manufacturers, including the EtherCAT industrial Ethernet system. We offer powerful solutions that cover all areas of automation, such as PLC, motion control, robotics, mechatronics for adaptive material handling, integrated vision, machine safety, industrial communication, IoT/cloud and more. Beckhoff helps customers automate any equipment or facility found in intralogistics, including distribution centers, smart warehouses, AS/RS, AGVs and AMRs, conveyors, singulators and sorters.

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Beckhoff Automation products

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