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Comau’s Advanced Solutions Drive The Benefits Of Automation For Diversified Industries
Over the years, Comau has increasingly focused on implementing key technology enablers that transform conventional robotics into advanced robotics.

Boston Dynamics Releases New Video Hinting at New Humanoid Robot
In a new teaser video Boston Dynamics hints at the Atlas robot using all electric motors.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) on a Mission to Reduce Costs
Autonomous mobile robots are the current leading figure in the move to mobile automation. Their mission is quite simple: Reduce the cost of shipping everything.

Onward Robotics: Meet Me Automation Solution
Upgrade your fulfillment process with Meet Me Automation Solution with Pyxis software and Lumabot AMRs, combining efficiency and accuracy for maximum results.

Kuka Robotics: KMP 1500P Autonomous Mobile Robot
Transform Your Warehouse with KMP 1500P: The Ultimate Solution for Transporting Materials Up to 1.5 Tons in Record Time!

SDI Element Logic: AutoStore™ Storage and Retrieval, Unit Fulfillment System
Unleash Your Warehouse's Full Potential with SDI Element Logic's AutoStore. Streamline Operations, Maximize Space, and Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Kardex Industry Research Report: 2024 Warehousing Outlook and Trends
Kardex Industry report, 2024 Warehouse Outlook at Tends covers the current state of Order Fulfillment and what lies ahead in 2024.

Lane Automotive Successfully Integrates Exotec’s Skypod® System
Exotec® announced today that Lane Automotive, a global company that specializes in aftermarket racing and high-performance automotive parts and accessories, has successfully integrated Exotec's Skypod® system to automate its distribution...

Tompkins Robotics Induction Lift
Tompkins Robotics Induction Lift allows operators to ergonomically induct to multi-level sortation systems. This creates operational conditions that are comfortable for longer periods and reduce on the job injuries.

Tompkins Robotics: tSort3D Robotic Sorter
tSort3D sorter can be integrated into existing tSort solutions, Tompkins Robotics can now deliver sortation designs that connects thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction.

Zebra study nearly six in 10 warehouse leaders plan to deploy RFID by 2028
Other trends which the study revealed include accelerated timelines for warehouse modernization projects, and returns management as a top operational challenge.

OTTO Motors: OTTO Lifter Smart Autonomous Forklift
OTTO Lifter is the world’s smartest autonomous forklift, capable of unlocking new pallet transport workflows for manufacturers while lifting up to 2,640 pounds for as low as $9/hour.

Retailer Otto Group Teams with Boston Dynamics on Warehouse Robotics Deployments
Strategic agreement calls for Boston Dynamics robots, including both its Stretch and Spot robots, to be deployed across more than 20 facilities over the next two years.

Automation System’s Pros and Cons
In an industrial setting, automation is associated with computerized programming that coordinates different jobs with little to no human interaction.

3 Trends Shaping the Modern Warehouse in 2023
Supply chain disruptions, increasing customer demands, rising omni-channel fulfillment requirements and scarce labor resources are eating into warehouse efficiencies more and more every day.