XPAK COBOXX Robotic Box Erector

The XPAK COBOXX utilizes XPAK's patented no-changeover design to build different box sizes, on-demand -- no changeover. Now available in the industry's first collaborative robotic case erecting cell.

XPAK COBOXX Robotic Box Erector
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While conventional case erecting solutions require lengthy changeover/setup times, the XPAK COBOXX can run up to 10 different box sizes at random, no changeover. A parametric motion profile allows the robot to adjust to a virtually infinite range of box sizes, on-demand.  The entire machine is designed to be plug-and-play. Simply enter your box size (length, width & height) on our touch screen interface, and run. No adjustments, no change parts, and no time-consuming tinkering necessary.  The machine footprint also boasts a major advantage over conventional technology. A basic, 2-magazine cell uses approximately 25-sq-ft of production area, maximizing the customers flexibility, and floor space.  Each cell can be customized to output on multiple, size-dedicated, exit conveyors, and integrated print-and-apply labeling is also available.

The XPAK COBOXX utilizes XPAK’s patented no-changeover design to build different box sizes, on-demand—no changeover. Now available in the industry’s first collaborative robotic case erecting cell.

  1. Flexible: Versatile, Modular Design allows for multiple product configurations
  2. Collaborative: Collaborative Robotics allow human and machine to work “hand-in-hand”
  3. Changeover: NO Changeover
  4. Footprint: Smaller Footprint than conventional equipment
  5. Reliability: Higher Uptime and Minimal Maintenance

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In combining innovative design, precise manufacturing, and comprehensive on-site services, XPAK has gained the trust and support of leaders in the beverage, food, household products, personal care & e-commerce industries across the globe.

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