Garlock Safety Systems
Rollback Safety Bay Gate

Protect overhead picking bays, mezzanines with safety gate.

Image courtesy of Garlock Safety Systems.

Industrial Rollback Safety Bay Gate System

Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.29(b) and 1926.502(b) and ANSI 6.4.3

An industrial safety gate, the Rollback Safety Bay Gate is designed to fit within standard and custom racking systems and protect elevated access points for material loading and unloading.

Easy-to-use and install. Protects without hindering productivity. The two-gate system means one gate is always closed and OSHA compliant fall protection is in place.


Key features of Garlock’s leading industrial safety gates and Rollback Safety Bay Gate:

  • Prevents falls from elevated access loading points while transferring material loads.
  • Heavy-duty chains and roller tracks ensure long life and smooth operation.
  • Counteracting gates create a safe zone for loading/unloading areas.
  • When the inboard gate is opened, leading edge gate automatically closes.
  • Adjustable rails to accommodate unforeseen job site conditions.
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Garlock Safety Systems is a leader in construction and industrial safety equipment. The RailGuard 200 Portable Safety Railing System, skylight guards, fall prevention products, fall arrest products, self-closing gates, ladder guards, ledge guards, warning lines and truck flatbed fall protection products.

Garlock Safety Systems
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