Power Tool Tethering Simplified By Ergodyne’s New 1-Step Solution

Ergodyne's newest innovation in Objects at Heights safety – the Squids Power Tool Traps – solves for one of the most notorious tool tethering challenges.

Image courtesy of Ergodyne.

Though still a relatively new concept in the world of industrial safety, more and more safety professionals are taking notice of the rising cost of falling objects, the cause of 255 fatalities in the American workforce in 2016 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As the category of dropped objects prevention evolves, so too do the solutions being offered by pioneers like Ergodyne.

“Power tools are difficult to tether because of the lack of connection points on them to attach a lanyard,” explained Nate Bohmbach, product director, Ergodyne.

“Retrofitting attachment points proves a challenge without affecting ergonomics in grip or covering up important information like serial numbers and warnings, or even key features like ventilation or paddle switches.”

Squids Power Tool Traps eliminate the need for tape, shrinks and tails, which can be clumsy to apply, turning what can be a confusing process for some into one simple step.

These patent-pending solutions fasten to drills, impact drivers, grinders and pneumatic tools using the available screw ports already built into the tools. Each set comes complete with a variety of fastener and locking washer sizes based on the tool, product labels, the stainless-steel bracket itself and product instructions.

“We researched popular tool brands and models to select hardware that will fit the majority of power tools on the job today,” said Bohmbach.

The Squids Power Tool Traps are just one example of a broader initiative by Ergodyne to simplify the tethering process for workers.

“We’re hopeful that by reducing the effort it takes to tether tools, we’ll increase the number of workers taking the proper precautions that will ultimately result in a better, safer workplace with zero drops,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne.

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