Hanel Storage Systems
MP 14 controller option for use with the Rotomat vertical carousels and Lean-Lift

New automated vertical storage controller option debuts

Image courtesy of Hanel Storage Systems.

The new MP 14 controller option for use with the supplier’s Rotomat vertical carousels and Lean-Lift vertical lift modules has been released. The controller features a 12-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display and is capable of cataloging up to 100,000 different types of items in inventory, depending on the installed microprocessor.

Its large screen features a virtual keyboard directly on the touchscreen (in addition to an alphanumeric keyboard) and allows users to drag and drop items into storage for easy inventory management.

To ensure all storage space is maximized within the unit, the system intelligently searches for open storage locations, then allocates inventory to those openings.

Company Product Description

MP-Link Automotive Dealer Management System Interface

A direct link between inventory stored in Hänel Lean-Lifts® and Rotomats® and the Automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

Process Transactions from the DMS at the Hänel Unit A direct link between inventory stored in Hänel units and the DMS.

Direct Communication with DMS Terminal Pick orders and receiving reports are sent from the DMS terminal to the MP Link.

Connectivity between Hänel Unit and Off-site DMS Synchronize transaction reports and inventory values between DMS and Hänel units.

The Hänel MP Link was developed specifically for applications at automotive, truck and motorcycle dealerships. While initially these customers embrace Hänel units for recovery of floor space, the benefits of increase inventory control and improved parts department employee productivity become apparent.

Parts department personnel process all transactions through the established DMS systems just as they did before installing Hänel units. Once the transaction is completed on the DMS system it is sent to the Hänel unit and parts can be stored and picked from one centrally located ergonomically correct position. In other words, parts are brought directly to the operator instead of the operator having to walk to the parts.

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Hänel parts storage systems are safe and secure solutions for your tools, spare parts, small components and accessory items. Save space, time and money with a parts storage system!

Hanel Storage Systems
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Hanel Storage Systems
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