Autoquip: Lift System Integration Solutions

Autoquip is the leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for material handling applications. Offering a full range from standard lifting equipment and controls to completely custom design/build solutions, Autoquip is uniquely positioned to...
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Autoquip offers application-specific lifting solutions to fit your needs.

Autoquip offers application-specific lifting solutions to fit your needs.

Customized lift equipment that is designed and built to integrate with your existing assembly, manufacturing or distribution processing lines has several advantages including automating manufacturing processes, optimized production speed, and reduced labor costs.

We understand the many advantages of having a fully integrated system and offer personal consulting to help you determine equipment compatibility for your existing processes.

System Integration Our Lifts Have Supported:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Feeding Systems
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Welding Systems
  • Automotive Assembly
  • AGV & Robotic Systems
  • Coil and Pipe Transfer
  • Sorting System

For those integrated systems that also require automation solutions, Autoquip can customize your control systems to implement a to be fully connected system.  Our in-house control engineers have the knowledge and experience to integrate a variety of programming to support your automation requirements.

For over 75 years, Autoquip has been providing innovative lift solutions to industries, worldwide. We have taken on the challenge of creating solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We draw on decades of experience in precision engineering and technologies to deliver the right solution.