Autoquip: Material Handling Control Systems

Autoquip is the leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for material handling applications. Offering a full range from standard lifting equipment and controls to completely custom design/build solutions, Autoquip is uniquely positioned to solve problems and improve productivity. Autoquip can put years of industry knowledge and expertise to provide standard or high capacity scissor lift tables, high-travel VRC’s, work platform lifts, or can work with you...
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Autoquip Company Profile

Take your lift to the next level with our quality collection of material handling controls options.

Take your lift to the next level with our quality collection of material handling controls options.

Autoquip Controls Capabilities: Providing Value-Add

Autoquip focuses on bringing new advanced technologies to complement our portfolio and create value-add for our customers. We are a turnkey partner to companies that are in need of innovative solutions including a full offering of industrial control panels and systems.

Leveraging our in-house controls company, OSCO Controls, we have the talent and knowledge to bring advanced control solutions to improve the life of the lift, provide safer operations, and execute better performance.

Our range of control solutions can improve your operation with effective material handling control systems and information technology options. We can customize control panels and interfaces that conform to your requirements and specifically meet the needs of your project.

Take your operations further by adding AQConnect to your controls package.  AQConnect uses innovative monitoring technology to accurately diagnose operational issues, effectively eliminating unforeseen downtime. It can also be programmed to perform multiple tasks, manage, and maintain optimal functionality, and access to its remote system communication. Standard on all Autoquip VRC products and is available as an option across the entire Autoquip product line.