Kardex Compact Buffer Module Maximizes Efficiency and Space at ATS Group

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The Kardex Compact Buffer Module has propelled warehouses forward, yielding significant savings in floor space, a substantial boost in throughput, and a remarkable reduction in labor requirements. It stands out as a beacon of efficiency and flexibility, perfectly aligning with the dynamic needs of modern warehouses.

Kardex helps ATS Group with innovative automation by integrating the Kardex Compact Buffer Module into their warehouse operations, reducing labor requirements.

The Kardex Compact Buffer Module: A Catalyst for Change

The Kardex Compact Buffer Module is engineered for the automated handling of totes, bins, and trays. Ideal for small to medium-sized warehouses, it excels in the fast and accurate picking of small parts. Its design, featuring up to four access openings or picking stations, epitomizes efficiency. The ergonomic turntable at each station ensures stress-free operation, preparing the next bin while the current one is being processed, minimizing waiting times and maximizing productivity.

ATS Group's Transformation Journey

The Challenge: Navigating Growth and Limited Space

In the quest for operational excellence, ATS Group has embraced innovation by integrating the Kardex Compact Buffer Module into their warehouse operations. Headquartered in Merelbeke, Belgium, ATS Group is a multidisciplinary technology conglomerate offering top-tier services and products across diverse industries. Faced with escalating demand and constrained by limited space, the challenge was clear: restructure the main distribution center to efficiently manage the storage and processing of small electronic components.

The Solution: Embracing Automation with Kardex

In partnership with Kardex Remstar, ATS Group embarked on a strategic overhaul of their warehouse operations. The solution comprised eight Kardex Compact Buffer Modules integrated with the Kardex JMIF software, seamlessly connected to the ATS Group's WMS and ERP systems. This setup, enhanced with pick-to-light and put-to-light technology and automated conveyors, transformed their intralogistics, catapulting their efficiency to new heights.

Reaping the Rewards

  • Space Optimization: Transitioning from static shelving to Kardex Compact Buffer Modules reclaimed over half the warehouse floor, a testament to the system's high-density storage capability.
  • Throughput Excellence: The leap from processing 500 to 900 orders daily represents an 80% increase in throughput, a direct result of the streamlined picking process facilitated by the Kardex Compact Buffer Module technology.
  • Labor Efficiency: Reducing the labor force requirement by a third while increasing output, ATS Group has demonstrated that strategic automation can enhance workforce productivity without diminishing staff levels.

Operational Blueprint: The ATS Group Model

The Kardex Compact Buffer Module system at ATS Group is a paragon of efficient warehouse design. Each picking station, equipped with an ergonomically angled turntable, ensures continuous, stress-free operation. The integration of the Kardex Compact Buffer Module with automatic conveyors on a mezzanine floor exemplifies the seamless automation of material flow, directly contributing to the significant improvements in throughput and labor efficiency.

Looking Forward: ATS Group's Visionary Path

The implementation of the Kardex Compact Buffer Module at ATS Group is more than an operational upgrade; it's a strategic investment in the future. With enhanced efficiency, productivity, and scalability, the Kardex Compact Buffer Module system positions ATS Group to navigate the complexities of tomorrow's market challenges confidently.

Engage and Explore the Possibilities

For warehouse directors exploring avenues to elevate their operations, the ATS Group's experience with the Kardex Compact Buffer Module offers valuable insights. This case study exemplifies how innovative solutions like the Kardex Compact Buffer Module can transform warehouse operations, providing a blueprint for success in the competitive landscape of logistics and distribution.

Discover how the Kardex Compact Buffer Module can revolutionize your warehouse operations, leading to significant gains in space utilization, throughput, and labor efficiency. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies like ATS Group and unlock the full potential of your warehouse with Kardex's advanced storage solutions.