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Kardex: FulfillX Warehouse Execution System for use with Autostore
Streamline Your AutoStore System with Kardex FulfillX: Faster Implementation, Better Performance, and Enhanced User Experience.

Kardex Industry Research Report: 2024 Warehousing Outlook and Trends
Kardex Industry report, 2024 Warehouse Outlook at Tends covers the current state of Order Fulfillment and what lies ahead in 2024.

Kardex Vertical Lift Module Streamlines Operations at Bristol Hose
Bristol Hose experiences unparalleled efficiency and precision with the integration of Kardex Shuttles and the Power Pick System.

Kardex Compact Buffer Module: A Game-Changer for Wildkamp
Wildkamp uses Kardex Compact Buffer Module and Frame Pick System for space optimization and streamlines efficiency for their warehouse needs.

Kardex Compact Buffer Module Maximizes Efficiency and Space at ATS Group
Kardex helps ATS Group with innovative automation by integrating the Kardex Compact Buffer Module into their warehouse operations, reducing labor requirements.

Kardex Shuttle helps Intech to Integrate Zoller TMS for an Optimized Tooling Process
Intech had expanded its business rapidly leading to disorganized tool management. It turned to the Kardex Shuttle integrated with Zoller TMS for inventory control, space optimization and increased productivity.

Elevating Efficiency in Manufacturing with Kardex Shuttles and Megamat Vertical Carousels
Kardex helps businesses optimize the production process particularly Material Handling. Kardex Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems like Kardex Shuttles and Kardex Megamat Vertical Carousels are game changers that redefining the...

3 Trends Shaping the Modern Warehouse in 2023
Supply chain disruptions, increasing customer demands, rising omni-channel fulfillment requirements and scarce labor resources are eating into warehouse efficiencies more and more every day.

4 Trends Impacting Picking Accuracy
Advances in automation and robotics are helping to streamline picking activities.

Kardex: Vertical Buffer Module Kardex Compact Buffer
The Vertical Buffer Module Kardex Compact Buffer is a highly efficient, goods-to-person, bin handling system for storing and retrieving lightweight, small items. Its high picking performance makes it suitable for...

Kardex: Kardex Connect Secure IIoT platform
Software solutions enhance operational efficiency.

Kardex: AutoStore Order Fulfillment System
Kardex is now a global AutoStore parter, offering space saving storage and picking solutions.

Kardex: Vertical Lift Module Kardex Shuttle
The Vertical Lift Module Kardex Shuttle is a high-density storage system consisting of a series of trays stored on each side of an inserter extractor, running in the center, delivering...

Kardex: Kardex Frame Pick System with Kardex Compact Buffer Modules
Automation reduces order turnaround time.

Kardex: Vertical Carousel Module Kardex Megamat
Machine groups order lines for buffering, small parts picking