EnerSys commends shared observation of National Forklift Safety Day

Motive power solutions provider notes that in both the U.S. and U.K., National Forklift Safety Day is celebrated on the same day this year, June 11

Provider of motive power solutions provider notes that National Forklift Safety Day is being celebrated on the same day this year, June 11, in both the U.S. and United Kingdom.

EnerSys, a provider of stored energy solutions for industrial applications, is paying homage to the safety commitment of both the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) in the United States and the United Kingdom’s Material Handling Association (UKMHA) for their simultaneous celebration of National Forklift Safety Day 2024 on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

In addition to a portfolio of forklift battery solutions that help eliminate potential injuries from battery maintenance or change-outs, EnerSys provides customers with onsite training, online tutorials, and access to the latest resources to enhance fleet operator safety.

“Forklifts are indispensable to commerce and moving materials, but they often come with inherent risk of injury to both operators and other workers if not properly controlled and managed,” said Christina Warn, Global Director of Marketing, Motive Power at EnerSys. “Safety is always a top priority at EnerSys, and we remain focused on developing solutions that not only enable material handling operations to be more productive, but also help protect their fleet operators - making the warehouse a safer space for everyone. Operator training and daily equipment checks are just as important in ensuring the safety of the people who operate forklifts, and we are honored to support both the ITA and UKMHA this year to generate public awareness of this critical industry topic.” 

National Forklift Safety Day reflects the ITA’s and UKMHA’s mission to raise awareness on best practices in manufacturing and warehouse environments - emphasizing operator training, promoting greater pedestrian awareness and sharing information about forklift safety.

Available for a range of applications, EnerSys batteries and chargers are designed with worker safety in mind and offer safety certifications from leading global organizations, the company noted.