Combilift launches campaign around National Forklift Safety Day

Campaign from lift truck supplier stresses, "Lift Your Standards by Lowering Your Load”

Campaign from lift truck supplier stresses, "Lift Your Standards by Lowering Your Load”

Combilift, a global provider of material handling solutions, has launched a new National Forklift Safety campaign, “Lift Your Standards by Lowering Your Load.” This initiative aims to enhance awareness and promote best practices in forklift safety across industries, the company said.

The company added that each and every year, it is committed to using National Forklift Safety Day (NFSD) as a reminder of how forklift operations can and should be becoming safer. This year, NFSD falls on Tuesday, June 11, while June is also considered a safety focused month overall in U.S. industry.

Throughout June, Combilift added, it is partnering with its dealer network to provide free demonstrations to our customers to highlight the safety benefits of the multidirectional Combilift C-Series.

Key points from the campaign include:

  • Safety First: Emphasizing the importance of maintaining a lower load height while traveling to improve visibility, stability and reduce accidents. (In compliance with OSHA standards, which mandate keeping the load as close to the ground as possible during travel)
  • Training and Education: Offering comprehensive training programs to ensure that forklift operators are well-equipped with the knowledge to perform their duties safely.
  • Industry Standards: Advocating for adherence to national and international safety standards in material handling operations.

Click here to access a video about the company's approach to safely handling long loads.