Autoquip: Custom Lift Equipment

Autoquip is the leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for material handling applications. Offering a full range from standard lifting equipment and controls to completely custom design/build solutions, Autoquip is uniquely positioned to...
Autoquip Company Profile

Autoquip offers custom solutions for challenging applications.

Autoquip offers custom solutions for challenging applications.

Autoquip has built a legacy of success for 75 years producing the highest quality custom lift solutions. We have redefined the industry with our innovative lifting solutions, extensive product line, and controls capabilities that go beyond the standard.

We specialize in custom lifts for a unique application. A “one size fits all” material handling lift may not provide the functionality needed to achieve the task at hand. We work with you to design a lift to perform the way you need it. Whether your application requires high capacity, high travel, automation, or integrated lift system to seamlessly connect with your legacy equipment, we deliver the right solution for your application.

We opened the doors in 1947, and since that time, Autoquip has been leading the industry with quality lifting products and innovation. Our history stands on providing custom lifting solutions for every unique job, and we hope to continue moving the industry forward for another 75 years.