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Beckhoff Automation: New Integrated Servo Drives from Beckhoff Expand Automation Beyond Control Cabinets
AMI812x device series combines servomotor, output stage and fieldbus connection in a compact form factor.

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Schneider Electric: TV340 Variable Speed Drives
Variable speed drives are highly flexible.

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Regal Beloit America, Inc: Regal Modsort Trident Three-Way Sortation System
Modsort Trident sortation system has a four-zone infeed that gaps a product, reads the package, and sends it down a belt, where it then diverts left, right or straight on...

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Interroll: Belt Drives for the next generation
Interroll has set another milestone in its global innovation campaign with the launch of a new drum motor platform.

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Kollmorgen: Motion Motors for Robotic Applications
Includes servo, frameless and stepper motion motors—supports the development of smaller, lighter and faster robots with higher degrees of precision for improved control. Kollmorgen motion motors, Robotic motion motors,...

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TQ Systems GmbH: RoboDrive Motors for Robotics Applications
Motors for robotic applications

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Rockwell Automation: Kinetix VPC Servo Motor
Improve continuous-duty machine performance, efficiency with servo motor

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Interroll: Drum motor for belt conveyor systems
Increase belt conveyor flexibility with synchronous drum motor

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ABB Group: ACS380 precision machinery drive
Easily commissionable machinery drive has intuitive control panel

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Dorner Manufacturing: New Universal Drive for 2200 Series conveyors
The supplier’s new Universal Drive for its 2200 Series of low-profile end drive belt conveyors features a single part number that covers all speed, load and mounting positions. Developed by...

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Alignment Supplies: B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool
The B.A.T. Belt Alignment Tool incorporates dual cross firing lasers and glowline targets to allow users to quickly and easily see misalignment, as well as the corrective solution...

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WD-40: WD-40 EZ-Reach lubricant
Lubricate more easily with 8-inch flexible straw that holds bent shape Featuring a long, flexible straw that bends and maintains its shape, WD-40 EZ-Reach lubricant is offered. The multi-use product�...

Yaskawa: U1000 industrial matrix drive
Green industrial matrix drive features power regeneration, reduced harmonics Engineered to save space and operate without additional components, the compact U1000 industrial matrix drive uses nine bi-directional switches arranged in...

Regal Beloit America, Inc: HERA High-Efficiency, Right-Angle Gear Reducers
90% efficient gear reducers for conveyors replace worm-gear drives Offered as a replacement for industrial worm-gear drives, HERA high-efficiency, right-angle gear reducers provide 90% efficiency in all ratios—reducing energy use by...

Siemens: Sinamics G120 drive system
Drive platform enhanced with industrial Ethernet connectivity