Magliner Appliance Truck

Heavy-duty aluminum hand truck

Made of aluminum for easier handling than steel, the heavy-duty Magliner Appliance Truck helps users move oversized loads.

It features a fourth-wheel attachment easily deployed and folded using a handle release to support 800-pound loads in an incline position; when upright in the two-wheel position, it handles loads up to 600 pounds. Other highlights include a patent-pending break back bar to prevent the truck from rolling when breaking back or putting an item in place. This promotes proper ergonomic posture to reduce muscle strain.

For customization, optional accessories may be specified, such as stair crawlers for navigating stairs and curbs; wings that add an additional 6 inches of load support; and a self-retracting ratchet strap to secure a load.


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1205 W. Cedar St.
Standish, Michigan 48658
Tel: 1 (989) 512-1000
1 (800) 624-5463

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