Verti-Lift: Scissor Lift & Tilt Tables

Image courtesy of Verti-Lift.

Verti-Lift manufactures a complete line of scissor lift tables and ergonomic material handling equipment. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Verti-Lift has been producing lift tables, tilters, upenders, work positioners, and turntables for the North American market for over 10 years.
5559 National Turnpike
Louisville, Kentucky, 40214
United States
1 (502) 361-0180 
[email protected]
Verti-Lift Company Profile

Washdown-ready scissor lift-and-tilt tables.

Washdown-ready scissor lift-and-tilt tables.

Verti-Lift Scissor Lift & Tilt Tables offer the most in ergonomic product positioning.

But integrating the height adjustment range of a scissor lift table and the tilting function, this ergonomic design positions components within easy reach of the operator.

With tilting ranges up to 60° and capacities from 2,000-4,000 lbs., these units will meet all of your application requirements.


  • Accordion Skirts
  • Oversized Platform
  • Platform with Beveled Edges
  • Pit Mounted
  • Portability Package
  • Conveyor
  • PLC Controlled
  • Foot Pedal Control
  • External Power Unit
  • High Cycle