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PFlow Industries: Mechanical Vertical Lifts – F Series
A rugged 4-post design for the heaviest lifting applications. Transports multiple pallets, oversized materials, large carts or heavy machinery between two or more levels. Ideal for high-speed, high-cycle or automated...

Advance Lifts: Scissors Lift Tables
Scissors lifts with variety of control options.

Linak: DL2 Two-Stage Lifting Column
Lifting column for high-load applications, a member of the DESKLINE control boxes and controls lineup.

Southworth Products: Levitator Elevating Worker Platform
Easily customize the platform to the best working position for you without stretching or reaching. Increase productivity with a stable and vibration-free operation.

Southworth Products: ZLS Floor Height Lifts
Floor level lift tables can be loaded by a hand pallet truck.

Advance Lifts: Ultra-High and High Performance Dumpers (UHPDP)
Ability to dump containers 180 degrees.

Southworth Products: High Duty Cycle Lift Tables
For applications that require frequent cycling (lifting and lowering) of lift tables, Southworth offers high duty cycle packages that increase recommended maintenance intervals from 50,000 cycles to 200,000 cycles.

Blue Giant Equipment: Heavy-Duty Industrial Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables, Work Positioners and Tilt Tables
A complete line of heavy-duty industrial pneumatic scissor lift tables, work positioners and tilt tables by Verti-Lift are ideal for applications where hydraulic equipment, oils and fluids are prohibited.

Southworth Products: Vertical Distribution Center
Tools for improving your warehouse E-commerce operations.

PFlow Industries: 21 Series Hydraulic Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC)
Level carriage movement regardless of load placement.

Presto Lifts: P3 All-Around Airbag Automatic Level Loader
Featuring a small, stable base, the level loader enables users to step closer to its platform, enhancing its ergonomic benefits. The level loader can accommodate an array of loads.

Southworth Products: Backsaver Hydraulic Lift Tables
Ergonomic hydraulic lift tables can load 6,000 pounds.

Southworth Products: Elevating Worker Platforms
Elevating worker platforms can be positioned at several heights.

Presto Lifts: PDL Series Scissor Dock Lifts
Scissor dock lifts accommodate various truck bed heights

Presto Lifts: PT Series Container Tilters
Container tilters enable easy access to contents