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BrinkAlert ApproachAlert 2-Way
ApproachAlert 2-way is a safety light system that improves safety at blind doorways with 2-way traffic. The system notifies both sides of a doorway when someone is about to pass.

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates: Product Containment Safety Gate Design
The Safety Gate Product Containment design features high strength, high visibility netting on the ledge gate that prevents people and products from falling from elevated pallet drop areas.

Materials Handling 24/7 - Readers’ Choice Products of the Year 2023 Winners Announced
Readers’ Choice Products of the Year 2023, Material Handling Product News and Material Handling 24/7 is proud to announce the winners of its eighth-annual Readers’ Choice Awards in a variety of categories!

FOX IV Technologies, Inc.: L3904E Electric Linerless Label Print and Apply System
The L3904E prints and applies labels using continuous-roll, linerless label material instead of precut pressure sensitive labels, thereby eliminating label liner and thermal ribbon from the waste stream.

Vector Security Networks: Forklift Security Camera
Installed on and powered by the forklift, giving your business 360-degree video access to forklift surroundings as well as the operator’s actions.

Vector Security Networks: GuardPoint™
Video intelligence your business needs to prevent incidents before they happen. GuardPoint™ suite of solutions has three tiers to fit your needs, helping to improve your company’s safety and...

Treston: ErgoID™
Prevent work injuries with AI-driven ergonomic assessments. Treston ErgoID™ utilizes AI to analyze workflows, offer expert advice, and promote healthier, more productive workspaces, reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

Manitou M30-4 and M40-4 Rough Terrain Forklifts
Manitou is launching two new models of rough terrain forklifts with a focus on durability, ease of use and simplicity of service: the all-new M30-4 and M40-4.

Manitou TMM45 and TMM 45-4W Truck-Mounted Forklifts
These new rough terrain forklifts with a rated load capacity of 4,500 pounds are designed for truck mounting and feature heavy-duty features, such as rough terrain masts, chassis and tires.

Tompkins Robotics Induction Lift
Tompkins Robotics Induction Lift allows operators to ergonomically induct to multi-level sortation systems. This creates operational conditions that are comfortable for longer periods and reduce on the job injuries.

BrinkAlert: Truck Restraint Light Kit (TRLK)
LED Lighting system that activates when a tractor-trailer truck locks onto a warehouse dock. This life‐safety innovation helps prevent forklifts from falling off docks or departing trucks.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations: The Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0
Our No Boots on the Ground® Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0 prevents trailer collapse while safely keeping workers off the dock approach in an efficient manner.

Tompkins Robotics: tSort3D Robotic Sorter
tSort3D sorter can be integrated into existing tSort solutions, Tompkins Robotics can now deliver sortation designs that connects thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction.

Raymond Corporation: iWAREHOUSE FieldSense (iW.FieldSense) Proximity Notification System
iW.FieldSense is a robust proximity notification system designed to alert pedestrians and lift truck operators when they come within a predefined distance of properly equipped trucks and pedestrians.

The Raymond Corporation’s High Capacity Orderpicker
Designed to facilitate orderpicking a full rack higher than other models, this first-of-a-kind lift truck delivers leading capacity and reduces annual cost per pallet stored by 19% compared with competitors.