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ORBIS Corporation: OpteBulk Sleeve Pack
The OpteBulk sleeve pack system offers sustainability, transportation, and cost-saving benefits.

Fives Intralogistics: GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution Irregular Sorter
With two high-friction belts, the GENI-Flex™ pop-up divert module raises to divert standard and oversized packages towards the system’s elected takeaway module.

RIOS INTELLIGENT MACHINES: Robotic Workcells for End of Line Packaging
RIOS helps global customers automate their factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations by deploying a new class of AI-powered workcells.

HAI Robotics: HAIPORT Workstation
HAIPORT Workstation is an innovative solution designed to increase case-handling efficiency while reducing workplace safety incidents with least human intervention.

Geek+ Robotics: Roboshuttle RS8-DA
Geek+, a global AMR leader, is proud to announce the launch of RoboShuttle RS8-DA, an 8-meter high flexible arm robot. The highest in the industry, the new robot will...

Automation Plus, a Division of CSF: Pallet Return Device for Low Temperature Use
The Ergonomic Pallet Return Device was designed around the need to stack pallets safely and squarely in an ASRS application. (U.S. Patent #10,995,695)

FORTNA: Dual Robot Singulator
MHS’s dual robot singulator uses two six-axis robots working in tandem to convert bulk flow into a single-file stream of product ready for automated sortation systems downstream.

MHS Global: Multi-Pick Robotic End Effector
The multi-pick robotic end effector breaks new ground for robotic order fulfillment with an end effector capable of picking large numbers and then acting as an on-demand buffer, holding some...

SVT Robotics: The SOFTBOT Platform
SOFTBOT Platform integrates any enterprise software with automation, robot, IoT, or human productivity tool, for any task, without the need for custom software code.

Hyster: HYSOURCEPARTS E-Shop is an upgraded parts e-shop that delivers a convenient, efficient online parts buying experience.

Aero Rubber Company®, Inc.: Sustainable Rubber Pallet Bands
Sustainable Rubber Pallet Bands by Aero Rubber Company®, Inc. for Replacing Stretch Wrap, Delivering Cost Savings and Improving Material Handling Efficiency

iGPS: iGPS Plastic Pallet
Measuring at 48” x 40”, iGPS’s bar-coded, RFID-trackable pallet enables larger load patterns and is ideally suited for automated environments.

Automation Plus, a Division of CSF: Rolling Folding Racking Steps
The Rolling Folding Racking Steps makes picking product from your warehouse shelves a breeze!

MobileDemand: Rugged xTablet T1680
As a leading provider of rugged tablets, MobileDemand’s xTablet T1680 offers next level power and performance for countless applications in a multitude of industries.

MobileDemand: xDIM Mobile
xDIM Mobile Dimensioning Software enables workers to measure boxes anywhere in just seconds, saving companies time, space and money. xDIM uses 3D camera technology on a rugged tablet for intuitive...