Rittal AX and KX Stainless Steel Industrial Enclosures

Source: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

The new AX and KX in stainless steel withstand chemicals, salt water or extremely high levels of humidity and extend the diversity of the Rittal system. Source: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

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Combining the flexibility of wallmount enclosures with the benefits of stainless steel construction, the AX Stainless Steel and KX Stainless Steel enclosures offer durability and reliability in a variety of applications.

Sometimes, even enclosures need to glisten elegantly, although in industry, it's rarely about beauty and always about function. Enclosures must protect sensitive circuits and controllers, even under adverse conditions. This already applies to the standard versions of the Rittal AX and KX range, with their robust powder coatings. System specialist Rittal is now offering new versions made of stainless steel. The smooth material even withstands chemicals, salt water or extremely high levels of humidity and extends the diversity of the Rittal system.

Enclosure System Benefits in Shiny Steel

When converting stainless-steel enclosures to AX and KX, planners and users can now benefit from the Rittal system for special applications that require more robust material. The compact enclosures have a patented system of enclosure locators. This means that, along with the rails for interior installation, they replicate the established 25 mm system pitch pattern from the VX25 large enclosure system.

With this unique, patented system, AX compact enclosures are prepared for all types of configurations and refits. System components and accessories, from door-operated switches or door stays to cable conduits and clamping strips to enclosure lights, can be installed on rails easily, quickly and safely without any drilling. Due to the predefined space between the rails, system accessories like punched sections, cable clamp rails, or support rails from the VX25 enclosure system can also be used.

The new design also simplifies earthing with automatic potential equalization for the AX and KX in stainless steel. On the KX, for example, the side parts have been optimized for the PE connection. To make even better use of the depth of the KX terminal boxes, the mounting rail can be mounted directly on the rear panel. Also new to the KX stainless steel portfolio are the E-Box closed housings with door. In both the AX and KX series, rear panel punchings with a practical hole punch mark also speed up wall mounting.

Prepared for Digital Process Optimization

As system enclosures, the new stainless-steel versions are now fully prepared for digitally optimized processes in panel building and switchgear manufacturing, processes that are in high demand in times of increasingly complex systems and a shortage of skilled workers. All data is available for Eplan so that the suitable and corresponding installed equipment can be seamlessly configured following mechatronic planning and design. Rittal's digital automation twin created from the Eplan project also contains all the data needed for automatic processing by panel builders and switchgear manufacturers, for example, for cut-outs with Perforex LC 3D laser centers. Enclosures and accessories can also be easily configured and ordered using the Rittal RiPanel tool.

Product Features:

  • Simple: Fully digitized processes with top-quality 3D data and QR codes on machined panels allow for seamless monitoring and simplify the order process.
  • Flexible: Modular designs and optimized cut-outs/sizes better utilize the space inside the enclosure. Rails and integrated locators simplify interior installation. Panels are supplied loose and can be easily machined, and no tools are required for installation.
  • Fast: Our manufacturing facility in Urbana, Ohio, allows us to deliver enclosures quickly throughout the U.S. All panels are supplied loose and assembly can be completed without the need for tools
  • Safe: Protection classes and approvals improve reliability. Integrated locators throughout the housing ensure the interior installation rails can be precisely positioned and securely fastened, even under dynamic loads.