Green Cubes: FBP2 Series Lithium SAFEFlex+ Batteries

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Green Cubes Technology develops and manufactures a complete portfolio of modern electrification power solutions, including the market-leading lithium Ion (“Li-ion”) battery. Green Cubes clean, connected, and cost-efficient power solutions allow industrial customers to transition...
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Get unbeatable performance and versatility with FBP2 Lithium SAFEFlex+ batteries - perfect for all environments.

Get unbeatable performance and versatility with FBP2 Lithium SAFEFlex+ lift truck batteries - perfect for all environments.

Providing a broad specification range, FBP2 Series Lithium SAFEFlex+ batteries require minimal maintenance and have high cycle lives. The modular batteries don’t need washing, watering or equalization charging.

Capable of being used in extremely low temperatures, including within cold storage operations, the batteries provide fast opportunity charging without negative impact on cycle lives.

Featuring a battery management system that can be adjusted for each application, the batteries’ currents, temperatures and voltages are consistently monitored by the BMS.

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Company Product Description

With an enhanced feature set developed based on 10 years of experience with the ground breaking Lithium SAFEFlex product line, Lithium SAFEFlex Plus is a comprehensive battery solution designed to meet the cost, performance, efficiency and durability requirements of the rugged warehouse environment.

It includes application-specific cell chemistry and intelligent battery management electronics. FBP2 series Lithium SAFEFlex battery systems are high cycle life, low maintenance solutions for industrial vehicles with a broad specification range to fulfill the most demanding requirements. The drop in replacement batteries make upgrading from Lead Acid to Lithium simple.

The batteries are sized to fit the standard material handling lead acid battery compartment, along with meeting the truck battery weight requirements.

Features and Options

  • Modular design with individual cell monitoring
  • Distributed BMS intelligence and data logging
  • Galvanic isolation of signal interfaces
  • Advanced WiFi connectivity & Network Security Protocols
  • Resilient FW Bootload and OTA FW Upgrades
  • Charge ports or single-point battery connection replicates today’s lead acid without special truck or charger modifications