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Forklift RFID reader

Next-generation RFID and IoT forklift reader.

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The intelligent Forklift RFID Reader can autonomously manage a pick, drop, stack and move operation using an array of RFID and IoT sensors.

Venture Research Provides The State Of The Art In RFID/IoT Forklift Readers

The Venture Research RFID/IoT Forklift reader solution combines years of forklift reader deployments with the state of the art in RFID, Sensor and IoT technology.

Built in a hardened steel enclosure, the Forklift Reader mounts on the standard type 2 or 3 forklift carriages and can withstand the impacts of continuous use. Rated IP65 for use in outdoor, yard and wash down environments.

The Forklift Reader solution employs a cadre of sensors, communication options, RFID and IoT tracking technologies in a single integrated package. Incorporating state of the art sensors used in Robotics, the forklift Reader can sense its environment and establish material pickup, stack height and drop scenarios autonomously. Each pick, drop, stack or location reference is queued for delivery through Wi-Fi or cellular networks for direct communications with the cloud. Built in REST interfacing the need for middleware.

With built in material, rack and proximity tracking via an array of RFID antennas including BLE and GPS for positional sensing, the Forklift Reader can be used with its built-in configuration for most applications. For special applications, the Forklift Reader can drive an additional 8 RFID antennas for applications such as floor reading, cycle counting, clamp truck retrofits and perimeter reading.

The Forklift Reader has a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery that can power the unit for 12 hours of continuous use. This is useful for lease trucks where attaching to the forklift battery is not an option. For permanent installations, a pulley and cable option is available to directly connect the front facing Forklift Reader to the forklift power supply, either electric or propane.

As with all Venture Research products, 24 x 7 x 365 support is provided with automatic alerting and self-diagnosis for real-time monitoring of system availability.

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Venture Research engineers and delivers innovative products and solutions for logistics, supply chain and materials handling applications, supported by proactive management and monitoring services. The company maintains deep expertise in radio-frequency engineering, electrical engineering, computing hardware design, embedded software engineering, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and systems integration. Venture Research operates a state-of-the-art RFID test lab, enabling it to fully test and qualify both its own products and complementary products from other vendors.

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