Custom Built Plastic Pallets
Flat Top plastic pallet

Protect bagged products against damage with flat-top pallet.

Image courtesy of Custom Built Plastic Pallets.

Most plastic and wood pallets are designed with gaps between the top deck boards. Bagged products such as mulch, pea gravel, salt for water softeners, along with items like printed graphics, which need to be shipped flat, suffer damage or disfigurement because they will bulge or fall through these gaps.

The new flat top pallet will ensure your products are protected from this hazard. In addition, the flat top pallets provide a stable platform which minimizes damage while loading, unloading, transporting and storing your goods.

Designed to your exact size and weight specifications, these pallets meet all international shipping requirements. This hybrid pallet which contains recycled PVC components stands up to environmental challenges such as heat, cold, and moisture; and they outperform wood pallets in every way.

Flat Top Plastic Pallets

  • Protect product from damage since they ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Provide stable platform to minimize damage
  • Designed to exact size and weight specifications
  • Meet international shipping requirements
  • Outperform wood pallets

Don’t compromise. Customize with Flat Top Custom Built Plastic Pallets.

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