Cleveron 401 Pickup Tower

Smart locker triples parcel capacity.

Image courtesy of Cleveron.

In the world of fast-growing e-commerce, omnichannel retailers face many challenges. Among them are questions like how to decrease the costs of click and collect last-mile parcel delivery and how to increase omnichannel shopping experience. Revolutionary Cleveron 401 is the answer to these challenges.

What is it?

The Cleveron 401, aka the Pickup Tower, is a robotics-based last-mile parcel delivering machine. Cleveron 401 is designed to automate indoor and outdoor parcel storing, pickup and return operations.

How does it work?

  1. The courier or a shop associate inserts a parcel into the Cleveron 401
  2. Cleveron 401 automatically measures the parcel’s height
  3. Cleveron 401 places the parcel on a one-size-fits-all shelf
  4. The end-user gets notified and receives the pickup code
  5. The end-user inserts or scans the pickup code
  6. Cleveron 401 issues the parcel to the end-user on average in 12 seconds
  7. The end-user can later return the parcel to Cleveron 401 with ease
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Cleveron is the innovation leader in creating robotics-based parcel terminals and developing last mile click and collect pickup solutions for retail and logistics sectors. Our product range goes from automated smart lockers, like Cleveron 301 and 302, to world’s first fully functional parcel robot Cleveron 401 and world’s biggest robotics-based parcel terminal Cleveron 402.

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