Jungheinrich: EKX 514/516K/516 man-up turret truck

Jungheinrich® ranks among the World’s leading brands of material handling equipment and warehousing technology, offering a broad range of advanced forklifts, very narrow aisle lift trucks and automated guided vehicles. With more than 65 years of electric lift truck design and manufacturing expertise, Jungheinrich is known for developing energy-efficient warehouse products utilizing lithium-ion battery or energy management technologies, which can operate up to two shifts on one charge...
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Turret truck includes freezer cabin option.

Turret truck includes freezer cabin option.

Developed to offer users maximum versatility in very narrow aisle warehouses, the EKX 5 Series turret truck has a sturdy mast design, along with mast supports. Its mast reduces swaying at high heights, up to 708 inches.

In addition, the turret truck has an 80-volt, three-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller, leading to considerable power and fast acceleration. The truck can run upward of two shifts on one battery charge.

Of equal importance, the truck also has a freezer cabin option, which provides a comfortable work environment in freezer applications that range from -22°F to 28°F. A fully isolated cabin, it also offers fresh air supply with a dust filter, electric front screen window heating and heating with a double-stage blower.

Capable of running for two shifts on a single battery charge, the EKX 514/516K/516 man-up turret truck by Jungheinrich handles up to 3,500 pounds.

Ideal for very narrow aisle facilities, the trucks offer lift heights up to 689 inches. Features include new motor technology that converts 93% of the energy consumed into output, cutting energy losses by half for a 15% reduction in energy consumption over the previous model.

A synchronous reluctance motor combines the high performance and energy efficiency of two motors with the cost advantages and low maintenance of three-phase AC motors for better uptime. For greater productivity and picking efficiency, the vehicle can be optionally equipped with a warehouse navigation system.