Beacon Dock Levelers are Made to fit New and Existing Loading Docks

Pit Dock Levelers and Edge of Docks are designed to adjust for height differences between loading docks and truck beds

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Beacon® works closely with architect specifiers and purchasing agents to specify the correct model for the dock application. Dock Levelers are to be utilized for new construction or replacement of existing levelers. A wide variety of dock levelers are available to meet industry standard loading area requirements. Proper selection is determined by the capacity, dock to truck angle, usage and duty cycle.

Dock Levelers are engineered with electric / hydraulic, mechanical or air bag operation to meet specific needs. Hydraulic units feature push button control powered by a motor, pump, and reservoir combination package driven with a minimum of one hydraulic cylinder.  Dock Leveler return is available with push button control or automatic return during truck departure. The deck and hinged lip movement are hydraulically controlled for easy and safe operation. The mechanical dock levelers are activated with a pull chain when standing on the deck. Air bag dock leveler operation models are operated by push button control, powered by an electric motor and actuated by an air bag. It is important to consult with Beacon when choosing the correct pit dock leveler model to fit the pit size and application.

Beacon® also provides an Edge of Dock Leveler “EOD” which is an economical way of crossing from the dock into the truck at the loading dock. Edge of Docks are available as mechanical or hydraulic operation. Manual units feature a hook lift or bar lift operation utilizing a push pull force. The hydraulic units come standard with a push button control. Edge of Docks installation requires the unit to be welded to the embedded channel in your top dock edge or anchor an approach plate on top of your dock to assume the lateral force of the EOD.  The 48” dock height design should meet the 48” truck bed height when utilizing a edge of dock leveler since the EOD deck is a short design and the compensation for height difference is minimal. 

Beacon® offers a wide variety of loading dock equipment including pit mounted levelers, edge of docks, top of docks, rail dock plates, scissor dock lifts and yard ramps. This dock leveler equipment is to be utilized when loading and unloading procedures are required by dock levelers.

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