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Loading Dock Equipment Basics
To increase your on-the-job safety, consider using the following types of loading dock equipment.

Keith Manufacturing Co.: Freight Runner dock-to-trailer conveying system
Automate cargo handling for faster distribution, labor savings.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations: SLIDE-Effect® Dock Bumper
The SLIDE-effect® is a revolutionary dock bumper to protect loading docks. With a built-in sliding mechanism, this loading dock bumper limits friction and abrasion; extending the bumper’s life. The...

Ideal Warehouse Innovations: Shuntable Trailer Stand
The ultra-wide Shuntable Trailer Stand offers enhanced stability, protecting against side-to-side rocking that can be caused by loading/unloading within.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations: Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS)
Permanently positioned in the dock approach, the Ground Mounted Trailer Support offers the ultimate in trailer collapse prevention and loading dock safety.

Rite-Hite: RHTL Trailer Lift
The Rite-Hite Trailer Lift (RHTL) helps raise a wide array of vehicles to proper dock height, while simultaneously leveling the trailer bed to help protect the cargo and make forklift...

Tri Lite, Inc.: DL2 Series Loading Dock Arm with Integrated LEDs
The entire offering includes additional arm lengths to accommodate a broader range of applications, optimized arm design, and the introduction of Integrated LED technology into dock arms.

Combilift USA: Combi-CSS (Combilift Slip-Sheet)
The Combi-CSS is a free-standing, electric-powered, semi-automated machine for loading & unloading of 20’,40’, 45’ & 53’ containers.

Ancra Systems: Skateloader Truck Loading System for Palletized and Slip-Sheeted Goods
Skateloader Truck Loading System is 100% fully automatic one-shot loading of both palletized goods and slip-sheet goods into non-modified truck/trailer/container, in a total cycle time of just 7-8 mins!

The only horizontally storing, retrofit, dock leveler in North America with a telescoping lip design for precise control of lip placement on the trailer, resulting in safer and more efficient...

JBT Corporation: Automated Trailer Loading and Unloading (ATL) AGV
Automated trailer loading available with single/double fork attachments

Systems Loading Dock Equipment: iDock Link
Technology enables nearly every type of loading dock to connect online.

Advance Lifts: Instant Dock 6568 Top-of-Ground Dock Lift
Dock lift requires no pit work.

Nova Technology: NOVA Lock & Load - New Triple Range Hook Design
It's spring-loaded housing lowers with truck contact and the carriage automatically adjusts with trailer float.

Advance Lifts: Dock Protection System
This is an improvement over the traditional bollards which tend to bend over time and require extensive concrete work to install.