Latest in Automatic Data Capture

Latest Automatic Data Capture Products

Beam Renew™ Easy-Release Label Holder and Cover-Up
Beam Renew™ is ID Label Inc.’s popular warehouse rack cover-up solution.
W16 photoelectric sensor
Detect shiny, reflective packaging with photoelectric sensor.
TriSpector1000 configurable sensor for 3D inspections
The TriSpector1000 is a stand-alone configurable sensor for cost-efficient 3D inspections.
RAY10 Reflex Array Photoelectric Sensor
The Ray10 Reflex Array is a compact photoelectric sensor designed to detect leading and trailing edges on polybags…
PowerFleet Essence
PowerFleet Essence ensures site managers in environments with small fleets can have peace of mind knowing that…
Ensenso X 3D Camera System
IDS expands Ensenso X series with 5 MP industrial cameras with IMX264 CMOS sensor from Sony.

More Automatic Data Capture Products

Latest in Automatic Data Capture

ID Label celebrates 25 years
The company has grown from a one-person start-up operation to a leading manufacturer and installer of bar code labels and signs.

Beam Renew™ Easy-Release Label Holder and Cover-Up
Beam Renew™ is ID Label Inc.’s popular warehouse rack cover-up solution.

MH10 subcommittees issue call for membership
MHI, through its MH10 Committee on Unit-Loads and Transport-Packages, is soliciting membership in two of its standards drafting subcommittees (SCs).

Outlook Group and LocatorX announce partnership
Partnership aims to help companies reduce counterfeit goods and product diversions using certified QR code.

Zebra Technologies to acquire Temptime Corporation
Acquisition to expand solutions for healthcare industry as well as food safety and other applications that can benefit from increased asset visibility.

RFID companies innovate to harness the growth opportunities generated by Manufacturing 4.0
Frost & Sullivan market analysis suggests passive RFID still has a competitive edge over active RFID, but technological advancements are helping to close the gap.

JDA and Panasonic partner to co-innovate on integrated digital supply chain technology solutions
Global leaders combine software and hardware to co-develop solutions for digital supply chain operations in factories, warehouses and retail.

Next-Generation Data Capture Emerges
New types of “edge” technologies promise new options for real-time location insights. Learn how these emerging forms of data capture might supplement traditional AIDC as well as the importance of software platforms, analytics and applications that take advantage of real-time location data.

IFS Study: Double-digit increases in industrial IoT sophistication in 2018
Study explores the potential for IoT to stream data through the business logic, use AI to constantly learn, and then apply that learning by creating new business logic.

ID Label’s Environmental Commitment: Less Than One Percent Waste to Landfills

What’s Ahead for Warehouse Barcoding and Labeling
The pace of change in the warehousing and distribution arena seems to accelerate daily. At ID Label, our clients continue to seek new label and signage solutions to help them address dynamic needs for improvements in inventory management, product throughput and operational efficiency.

ID Label Launches New Website and Brand Image
ID Label Inc., the industry’s premier provider of custom barcoding solutions, has launched a new website and rebranded with a new logo.

Datalogic and Brother Mobile Solutions expand alliance
Alliance will first address high-growth, evolving segments such as convenience and grocery.

Special Digital Issue: Top Suppliers of 2018
The combined forces of a strong economy, e-commerce growth and a tight labor market are making it more important the ever for warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations to find ways to make their existing infrastructure and people more productive.

W16 photoelectric sensor
Detect shiny, reflective packaging with photoelectric sensor.

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