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Topic: Sustainability

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Updated Corrugated Box Compression Values
Lab tests indicate updated Box Compression (BCT) values according to pallet stacking patterns.

ORBIS Corporation: AROS® Packaging for Automated Storage Environments
ORBIS Corporation introduces AROS® packaging for efficiently transferring, storing and organizing product loads in an automated system.

MDI: Reusable Corrugated Plastic Box
Reusable Corrugated Plastic Box Manufactured by MDI reduces costs, improves operation efficiency, and generates less waste.

ORBIS Corporation: OpteBulk Sleeve Pack
The OpteBulk sleeve pack system offers sustainability, transportation, and cost-saving benefits.

Fibre Box Association: Corrugated Boxes: The Ultimate Expression of a Circular Economy
A circular economy is created when the entire life cycle of a product is optimized for minimal environmental impact, all the way from raw materials through production and use, coming...

Fibre Box Association: Corrugated Boxes: Renewable From the Start
Corrugated boxes made from new and recycled plant fibers are a sustainable alternative to other packaging.

Fibre Box Association: Corrugated Boxes: New and Recovered Fiber
Making corrugated boxes out of recycled fiber materials reduces stress on landfill capacity, while supporting land, air and wildlife conservation.

GRI Tires: Ultimate XT Solid Tire
Eco-friendly solid rubber tires run on nearly any surface condition.

ID Label Inc.: Eco Tote Renew™
Eco Tote Renew is a durable label holder that applies permanently to reusable warehouse containers. Its coated surface makes it easy to apply and remove barcode tracking labels.

EcoCortec: Eco-Corr® Biodegradable VpCI® Film
Biodegradable anticorrosion film.

Rite-Hite: PitMaster V Dock Face Sealing System
Dock sealing system increases safety and reduces energy costs.

Regal Beloit America, Inc: UlteMAX Axial Permanent Magnet Motor
Expanded power range in axial permanent magnet motor line.

Plug Power: ProGen metal plate stack
Hydrogen engines equipped with components that double power density.

Alpesa/Upalet: Úpalet Box
Recyclable, biodegradable cardboard container

Fibre Box Association: Corrugated Packaging
How Corrugated Boxes Support Omnichannel Sustainability