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Hyster: J155-190XNL Series Lift Truck
Industry first – High-capacity lift truck powered by integrated lithium-ion technology.

Toyota Material Handling: Lithium-ion batteries
New lithium-ion batteries lower maintenance costs for forklifts.

Trojan Battery Company: Trillium Line of Intelligent Lithium Batteries
Maximize energy throughput with intelligent lithium batteries.

Delta-Q Technologies: ICL Series battery charger
High-frequency lithium battery chargers released.

Applied Energy Solutions: LithPack lithium-ion battery system
The new LithPack lithium-ion battery system for Class III pallet jacks optimizes production time and performance over lead acid or gel batteries by providing faster, more efficient charging. The unit...

Flux Power Holdings: Light EV Series of Lithium-Ion Battery Packs
The Light EV series of battery packs for forklift use have been listed to UL 2271. Models in the line of 24-volt LiFT Pack lithium- ion battery packs for Class III...

Yale Materials Handling Corporation: MPB045-VG Lithium-Ion Walkie Pallet Truck
Equipped with a lithium-ion advanced performance power system (APPS), the MPB045-VG walkie pallet truck offers extended run time, high charging capabilities and small footprint. The lithium-ion battery can be...

AllCell Technologies: High-Performance Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Lift Truck Battery
Replace lead-acid batteries with drop-in Li-ion model Developed in conjunction with LG Chem, a new, high-performance Lithiumion (Li-ion) battery is offered as a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in materials...

Flux Power Holdings: 500Ahe LiFT Pack Lithium-Ion Model E3 Beta Battery
Outfit end-rider forklifts, pallet jacks with lithium battery The 500Ahe LiFT Pack lithium-ion model E3 beta battery is capable of running larger, higher-power Class III lift equipment—such as end-rider...

Applied Energy Solutions: Superion lithium ion charger and battery pack
Lithium ion charger, battery pack for pallet jacks The Superion lithium ion charger and battery pack for pallet jack use provides a more energy-dense and energy-efficient battery chemistry when compared...

Morse Manufacturing Company: Green Battery (GB)
Power drum handlers with rechargeable lithium-ion battery A green battery is offered as an option for the supplier’s line of drum handlers with battery-powered lift and/or tilt. The...