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Kardex: Display LED-Navigator
Pick-to-light technology enhances throughput

Kardex: VLM Box
VLM Box is designed specifically for the Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module.

Kardex: Proactive Monitoring with Remote Support
Support and maintenance by remote access reduces system downtime.

Kardex: Color Picking Pick-to-Light Technology
Color Picking pick-to-light technology combines several orders into a batch that can be simultaneously processed. The unique Color Picking concept adds colored lights into the batch picking process allowing multiple...

Kardex: Lektriever Vertical Carousel
The Kardex Remstar Lektriever vertical carousel is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files and media to the operator with a...

Kardex: Horizontal Carousel Module Kardex Horizontal Carousel
Horizontal Carousel Module Kardex Horizontal Carousel updated with new features

Kardex: PowerPick Global
Software ideal for storage and tracking of electronic components in manufacturing

Kardex: Power Pick Global 4.0
Scalable WMS manages automated storage and retrieval systems Power Pick Global 4.0 warehouse management software increases accuracy, efficiency, security and flexibility in AS/RS—including the supplier’s Shuttle vertical lift...

Kardex: Shuttle XP 1000 Vertical Lift Module
Automatically store heavy inventory in VLM.

Kardex: Pick to Light for Shuttle Vertical Lift Module
Light pointer increases pick accuracy in VLM To increase pick accuracy, productivity and speed, the Shuttle vertical lift module (VLM) can now be equipped with a light pointer-based pick-to-light system....

Kardex: Line of Dynamic Storage Solutions
Dynamic storage solutions save space, boost accuracy A full line of dynamic storage solutions is offered, including vertical lift modules, horizontal carousels, vertical carousels and mobile shelving. Operating on the...

Kardex: Line of Dynamic Storage Systems
Secure, dynamic storage for FDA-regulated labels A line of dynamic storage systems—including the Shuttle vertical lift module and Megamat RS vertical carousels—provide secure storage and retrieval of packaging...