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FORTNA Automates New Budbee Ecommerce Parcel Hub in Sweden
The new automated hub is based on a shoe sorter system with loop functionality designed to transport products, such as cardboard boxes and bagged items.

FORTNA: Dual, six-axis robotic singulation and induction (RSAI) solution
Harness the Power of AI: Experience automated processing and increased speed with Covariant's Dual, Six-Axis Robotic Singulation and Induction Solution. Process up to 2,800 parcels an hour with precision accuracy.

FORTNA: Extendable Conveyor Loader and Unloader
Boost ergonomics and productivity in labor-intensive loading and unloading processes.

FORTNA: HC-Loop Cross-Belt Sorter
Boost throughput of a wide range of products and packaging types in an efficient footprint.

FORTNA: HC-Loop Double Cell Sorter
Cross-belt sorter with double-cell design handles small items while offering versatility for large packages.

FORTNA: Dual Robot Singulator
MHS’s dual robot singulator uses two six-axis robots working in tandem to convert bulk flow into a single-file stream of product ready for automated sortation systems downstream.

MHS Global: Multi-Pick Robotic End Effector
The multi-pick robotic end effector breaks new ground for robotic order fulfillment with an end effector capable of picking large numbers and then acting as an on-demand buffer, holding some...

MHS Global: Robotic Singulation Automated Induction Picking Robot (RSAI)
As e-commerce volumes continue to surge and challenges finding and retaining labor persist, robotic singulation effectively addresses both, making a meaningful impact at an attractive value with ROI possible within...

MHS Global: Activated Roller Belt (ARB) Large Parcel Singulator
Large parcel singulator handles up to 12,000 parcels an hour.

FORTNA: Large Parcel Singulator
Activated roller belts transform bulk flow into a single-file stream.

FORTNA: MHS Helix warehouse software solution
Template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment on an integrated platform.

FORTNA: VanRiet HC sorter
Sliding shoe sorter can handle up to 110 pounds.

FORTNA_old: Warehouse Execution Software Platform: FortnaWES
FortnaWES provides comprehensive solutions organized into Platform, Fulfillment Flow, Visibility and Intelligence services to enable complex, high volume distribution centers to Run Agile Fulfillment.

FORTNA: FortnaDCoptimizers
Model distribution center design choices To accelerate and automate the analysis and design of custom distribution center operations, FortnaDCoptimizers is a set of multi-dimensional models that help quickly identify the...