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Automate 2024, an Increase in Smart Warehouse Robotics
Move over production cell robots, smart pick and place robotics for materials handling, mixed-SKU palletizing solutions, smart parcel handling robots, AMRs, were out in force at A3’s Automate, which...

Warehouse Operations: Leveraging Automation for Omnichannel and E-commerce Fulfillment
In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, the convergence of omnichannel and e-commerce fulfillment has presented both challenges and opportunities for warehouse management.

Retailer Utilizes New ResinDek Mobile Robot Flooring for Mezzanine & Ground Floor
Retailer installs new concrete floor and a mezzanine usable by AMRs.

Seegrid Palion Lift CR1 Autonomous Mobile Robot Lift Truck
Maximize Efficiency and Safety with Palion Lift CR1: The Ultimate Autonomous Mobile Robot for Warehouses.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) on a Mission to Reduce Costs
Autonomous mobile robots are the current leading figure in the move to mobile automation. Their mission is quite simple: Reduce the cost of shipping everything.

Kuka Robotics: KMP 1500P Autonomous Mobile Robot
Transform Your Warehouse with KMP 1500P: The Ultimate Solution for Transporting Materials Up to 1.5 Tons in Record Time!

Agilox OCF Omnidirectional Counterbalanced Forklift AMR
The Intelligent powerhouse for maximum load carrier flexibility.

Agilox ODM Omnidirectional Dolly Mover AMR
The omnidirectional dolly mover designed for intelligent transports of small load carriers.

Agilox ONE Autonomous Mobile Robot
The highly flexible AMR for moving pallets in tight spaces.

ForwardX Robotics: Max 1500-L Slim
Max 1500-L Slim has a payload capacities of up to 1,500kg, and is suited for pallet- and case-picking for B2B store replenishments and B2C eCommerce fulfillment or heavy-duty...

ForwardX Robotics: Flex 60-T
Flex 60-T is a cutting-edge AMR with an advanced docking and towing system, redefining how cage trolleys are handled, providing a safer work environment while helping businesses increase overall productivity.

3 Trends Shaping the Modern Warehouse in 2023
Supply chain disruptions, increasing customer demands, rising omni-channel fulfillment requirements and scarce labor resources are eating into warehouse efficiencies more and more every day.

AS/RS Solutions Shape the Future of Distribution Operations
OPEX® discusses the importance of EtherCAT and TwinSAFE from Beckhoff in optimizing the scalable, high-performance Infinity™ system.

Why ResinDek® Is Better Than Concrete for Ground-Floor Robotic Applications
While more operations are deploying Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in their facilities, not every existing ground floor surface can support them. Fortunately, ResinDek® panels, which...

Chery Automotive’s Deployment of AMRs from ForwardX Robotics Tops 100 Robots
Autonomous mobile robots from ForwardX automate line-side replenishment of materials in Phase One of Chery's Super Factory.