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Vehicle solutions provider streamlines traffic flow
Advanced polymer safety products protect the provider’s essential machinery.

A-Safe’s rack sensors detect, communicate and display impact severity
A-Safe (Booth S1668) has developed RackEye—a live racking damage detector system—that provides real-time, 24-hour rack monitoring in between inspections.

Barrier system protects people, equipment and product
Bottling facility meets and exceeds safety and hygiene standards with barriers, gates and bollards.

RackGuard polymer safety barrier system
To prevent damage and reduce maintenance costs caused by lift truck impacts to storage racking uprights, RackGuard patented, flexible polymer safety barrier system is engineered to absorb side and front collisions. The barriers feature 10 frictional grip points, a centralizing rubber lug, and a compression…

Lift Trucks: Polymer barriers deflect skepticism
Test installation stands up to months of abuse with no maintenance costs.

iFlex rack guards
Compression hinges secure rack impact guard to rack legs Equipped with compression hinges to ensure a secure grip, iFlex rack guards tightly affix to rack legs and maintain constant contact. A centralizing rubber lug fits the product to any size of rack leg, while 10 frictional grip points enhance the…

2015 MHI Innovation Award finalists announced
Winners to be announced on March 25 during the MHI 70th Anniversary Celebration at ProMat 2015.

Line of barriers made of Memaplex high impact polymer
Protect machinery, rack and personnel with polymer barrier systems A line of barriers made of Memaplex high impact polymer is offered as an alternative to traditional concrete and steel barriers for protection of vehicles, machinery, building structures, storage rack and personnel. Because the polymer…

Lift Truck Tips: Barriers to entry
Generic regulations and misused solutions often undermine effective practices for keeping lift trucks away from people, product and problems.

Line of safety bollards and column protectors
Safety bollards, column protectors minimize impact force A line of safety bollards and column protectors use Memaplex patented material with built-in memory that transfers only 20% of the force of a forklift impact to the floor. The system also cushions vehicles, preventing damage to them at the same…

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MHPN - Materials Handling 24/7 - Readers’ Choice Products of the Year 2018 winners announced
Nearly 3,000 readers voted in 12 categories for the best innovations in materials handling equipment to help you decide the best products for you warehouse and distribution center operations.


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