Latest in Automatic Data Capture

Latest in Automatic Data Capture

IDS NXT Vision App-Based Industrial Cameras
App-based industrial camera programmable for multiple task use.

Get The Worker Ready for Industry 4.0
Wearing glove with integrated scanner boosts productivity.

Seal 8 Tablet
Rugged tablet weighs 1.75 pounds.

Toughpad FZ-F1 Handheld
4.7-inch daylight readable display on lightweight, handheld tablet.

MT2010 Rugged Tablet
Connect rugged tablet to Verizon Wireless network.

XM75 Key-Based, Rugged Mobile Computer
Input information on rugged mobile computer’s integrated keyboard or touchscreen.

Nautiz X9 Android Handheld
Use handheld computer in challenging industrial, outdoor environments.

8680i Wearable Mini-Mobile
Lightweight wearable computer cuts transaction times by 5 seconds.

SH15 and SH21 Blackline computers
Use rugged industrial computers in harsh, extreme temperature environments.

LI3608-ER/LI3678-ER 1D Ultra-Rugged Scanner
Scanner captures 1D bar codes as close as 2 inches and as far as 56 feet.

KODIAK mobile, industrial computer
Rugged, flexible lift truck computer released The mobile, industrial KODIAK computer is engineered specifically for use on a forklift in a fixed or mobile mount application. Rugged and reliable, the device can run multiple operating systems, including Windows 7.x or 8.x, Linux, Android or Windows CE.…

Other Voices: Why 2D warehouse barcode labels are increasing in popularity
Compactly storing large amounts of data, versatile and resilient 2D barcodes are suited to complex, smart warehouses.

Pocket-sized, data-collection solutions for inventory, order-picking or shipping/receiving
Mobile computer, Data

Top 20 Material Handling System Suppliers in 2017
Across the globe, the industry achieved record-smashing growth. Top Warehouse Systems Suppliers, Warehouse Software Suppliers, Best Warehouse Execution Systems 2017, Top 20 Warehouse Management Systems 2017

ALR-S350 ultra high-frequency (UHF) radiofrequency identification (RFID) sled reader
Handheld RFID reader works with latest smart devices, RFID Reader for Warehouse, Alien technology RFID Reader, Data Capture for warehouse

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MHPN - Materials Handling 24/7 - Readers’ Choice Products of the Year 2018 winners announced
Nearly 3,000 readers voted in 12 categories for the best innovations in materials handling equipment to help you decide the best products for you warehouse and distribution center operations.


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